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Step Brothers


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(Also, this story is very old. It contains grammar errors and many other unreadable material. You may stop reading when ever you'd like, but know I am not going to edit this book. I am aware of all the flaws, but I do not have the time to re-write every sentence. This story was for fun, do not take it so serious)

   I wonder what's worse than moving to a whole new world; A country, a town, a home, a family. What happens if you are taken from your home that you have lived in since the day you were born. It's madness. You spend your live around the ones you love. You always see them down the street and you know where they are at every minute of everyday. This is my life, In Italy. 

   And now it's being torn to pieces as I'm forced to leave the country with my mom. And not just to leave the country but to start a new life. This summer vacation I had spent was entirely based on family. I lived with my dad for these two months and during that time my mom met a man who she fell in love with. Yes, my parent's are divorced. They divorced when I was five years old. I don't think it ever affected me because I always saw them. Italians are big with families so I never really saw them apart. They just weren't together anymore.

   But my mom is different from all Italians, she wants to be different. She is different. She works at a huge company that many are aware of, Google. She has studied computers ever since I could remember. This has led to us to live a good life and not worry where to get our money from but it is difficult for me.

   During the time that she is away, which has been a lot lately, I suffer greatly because my mom is everything to me. I love her dearly. And without her I can't be happy. I guess you can say I'm a momma's boy. I have all the right reasons to be.

   So my mom one day called me. I can remember the excitement building up in her tone as she told me the good news. She was transfered thanks to the man she fell in love with. They both worked for Google and he wanted a better life for her. Because unfortunately she was the only one taking care of me. All by herself.

   My mom received a new job in America, right with her new boyfriend and soon to be husband. They were happy, but take a look at my face and you'll see misery. Just like every kid that watches their mom marry someone else other than their biological dad, it's dreadful. Of course I'm not going to like this guy. He is the reason I was being kidnapped. Not literally but I wish. That way I had some legal excuse of turning them in, then I can go back to Italy.

    But I can't do anything until I turn 18 and become a legal adult. Then my mom can't make me stay. Sadly that's two years away, and until then I guess I have to suffer.

   "Leo." My mom snapped.

   "Yes, Jenny?" I replied by using her first name.

   "Don't make me slap you. You can't stay quiet forever."

   It's true. I can't be quiet forever but I can sure as hell try. Ignoring my mom is my best skill. It comes handy in so many situations, like this one for instance. My mom is the kind that think shes cool just because she looks like she is still 18 years old.

   "You're going to like them." She assured me.

   "How can you be so sure? I've never even met them."

   "Because you were away for two months with your father."

   "So?" I looked at her. "I never asked to meet them either."

   She sighed. "I promise that it will be a good opportunity for us all." She extended her fist. I collided mines with hers.

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