Alpha Mine

For the most part Dava's led a happy life. She had everything that she needed; a loving family, a good home and her romance books. She was saved by the man that she now calls father at the age of five and grew up lacking for nothing. She was the quiet, shy type in school and stayed in the background for the most part and her simple life should have been enough. For the most part, it was. She was even satisfied with the way her life was heading until over night, her happy and simple life gets turned upside down. She walks into school and suddenly his intense gaze is focused solely on her. Adam, the Alpha's son, scented her the moment that she walked in the door. When Dava walked by him, she smelt so sweet that she was all he could think about for the rest of the day. It was then that he knew he had to have her. One way or the other, he would find a way to make her his mate. There was one small problem, Adam's father, the reigning Alpha is Dava's true sacred mate. He was already mated to Adam's mother when she came into the picture at only five years of age. Rafe decided then and there that he would keep his distance and watch her from afar. But now that his own son has stated his claim, can he sit idly by and watch him bond with the one person in this life that was meant for only him?
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*cough* NOT TO MENTION SHES FIVE AND YOURE THIRTY-SOMETHING *cough* I think I'm catching a cold...
I remember reading this awhile back , but at the time if wasn't updated... I can't wait to reread ! :) great story!
This story better have a happy ending its soo good so far but happy ending is key or bad ending and a sequel
I absolutely love this book please update I'm dying for the rest....ur a great writer
Wait a second the dad' strut mate is with a little 5 year old while the guy is like 19? And the son wanted her? What is happening?!!!
Um yeah this isn't creepy at all... Wait how old is he here? Is he 14 years older???

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