Chasing After You - A Mindless Behavior Story [UNEDITED]

They've never really wanted any of the girls at New Town High, but what happens when that one girl walks into your llife? Yeah yeah, love at first sight...but it's too hard loving someone who doesn't love you back. And that doesn't necessarily apply to the boys either. Join the MB crew on the journey for all of them to get - and keep - their #1 Girls.
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Wait wait !! How is this a sequel ? Since wen is he friends wit ray and where is lexi !? Lemme jus start reading aigain . ROC GOT REJECTED!!!! Lol
, Lhh ! Niggas Hate When I Turn Em Down Then They Wanna Say Bitch Youuu Wasnt Even All That Cute Any Ways ! Ctfu ! Thats All Right Boo !
Gosh why are you such a good writer ? I love reading your books, lol, they're so addicting!

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