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Mindless Hoes Need love too. (Completed)

Dedicated to

Livi's Pov:


(A month later)


I haven't seen Drew ever since The Gang pulled me away. Kiesha had my phone and changed it. The only way I will see Drew will be a miracle.

I'm due in 1 and & half of a month. So little A'Mila Mariee Perez will be here. I smiled and rubbed my stomach.

Sweet little A'Mila. But dang you can kick hard!


There was a knock on my window. Kiesha forced us to go to a Hotel called Crystals Springs. The party that everyone was plainn7ng was cancelled.

I walked to my window and opened it. There sitting on a tree branch.....DREW.

"Drew how did you get here?" I asked. "How did you know where I was?"

Drew smiles and stands up. He slides through the Window. Drew hugs me. I hug me back. The inside of me is warm.

I lean to his lips and kisses him. Drew kisses me back. I moan as he Sucks on my neck. Drew moves me to the bed and gets between my legs. He kisses me and pulls away.

"I missed you so much. I hated that we were apart. I looked all of South Dokota for you." He says. I smile and hugs Drew. He holds me in his arms.

I could stay like this forver. I started to doze off. Drew kissed me on the forehead and cuddled with me. His eyes drifted off to sleep.

*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_ _(_(_(_(_(_(_(_(_(_(_(_(_(_(

"OH HELL NO!!" Kiesha's voice woke me and Drew up. Drew gripped my hand. I grabed his arm. Drew looked down at me sad. I teared up.

Cops come burting in. They grab Drew and pull him away from me. Drew gets dragged out the room.

"WHY CANT YOU JUST LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!?!" i yell. Kiesha walks to me.


I stand up. "YOU AINT MY FUCKING MOTHER!" I yell. Kiesha shakes her head and storms out slamming the door shut.

I tear up and buried my face in my pillow. Tears are unstoppable to me.


I write in my Poem Book:



Secrets are hidden by everyone.

Good people Or bad people.

They have secrets, and So do you.

Secrets are the things that hold you back for the truth.

It can make you Sad, Or Mad, Or maybe even glad.

But The main thing it can do is break your hearts.

Crashing it into the stone.

Making sure its cracked in the middle.

Leaving you with nothing but peices to clean up.

Pain and Misery sticks to you until a handsome Prince Charming comes and Saves you.

But with all the secrets that are locked.

It could pull you away from your Charming.

It can destroy the rest of your love life.

It can be a enemy If you let it.

~ Livi 


I layed my book down on the surface. I let the tears fall down my cheek.

Why couldn't I have a good life? Why did I have to deal with the pain and misery? Why do I have to be cursed with a bad love life. How come my sister Kiki feels free to do what she pleases? Hwoever I don't.

Why can't my Daughter be Drew's child? Why can't Prince be a man and help me with his daughter that will be coming soon? How come I always leave with a broken Heart?

Someone knocked on my door. "Its time to get back on the buss......NOW!" i already Knew it was Kiesha.

-_- Wow.

I dragged myself and my stuff to the bus. I slammed my door shut and layed on my bed. The tears came again. Pain and Misery washed over me.

I hate that It feels like you've been cut when your heart is broken.

I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep...

*_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_&_ *&*&(&(&*&*&*&*&*&*&(*&)

Somi's Pov:

My mind plays over the Kiesha's Walter's and Money's Convoerstaion.

"He is to dangerous for her!" Kiesha says. Money shakes her head.

"You shouldn't judge people by how they look." Money says. Kiesha shakes her head.

"I agree with Kiesha. Drew is bad news espically for a sweet innocent girl like Livi. She is sooo.......Yall know! Livi can't go through that style that Drew is in." Walter says.

Kiesha nods. Money shakes her head. "No Kiesha, Walter yall don not judge people by how they look! How do you know whats happening??"


Money walks away and Kiesha and Walter walks the oppiste. God this won't be so good.

Livi's Pov:

I wrote in my Poem book.



Ive been broken in many ways,

Heart Broken, Spirt Broken,

Even Love Broken,

Having friends that used to love you,

Left you there alone with a small baby girl on the way,

Being spirt Broken,

No more energy left to love,

To smile, Or laugh,

Being left in this world to die alone,

Love Broken,

Your supoose to be Lover,

Says he loves you so,

Won't never let you go,

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