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Hey everyone !!

I thought I'd make some preferences of the lovely 5SOS because I'm in love with writing preferences♥

For those of you who don't know, I had written some One Direction Preferences a while back, but Wattpad glitched and deleted them all :( So this we'll consider my "comeback". If you guys have any requests for ideas to do for preferences, comment below on my most recent update, and yours might be featured !

(I sound like a freaking game show host, what is this...)

My facts may not be spot on for these because I'm not a super mega ultra fan like am One Direction, (not yet) so if I mess anything up, feel free to comment below or inbox me ! I'll be more than happy to correct it. Actually I'll be sad cuz I'm getting my facts wrong, but you know what I mean.

... Oh by the way, I'm a major Luke girl, I just love him! I mean I love all of them, but there's something about him. Same with Niall from 1D (obviously from 1D, duhhh). But all 9 of them are super fit though, let's be honest here.

So sorry if this intro bored the crap outta you, but if you took the time to read it, thumbs up to you ! :)

Also, if the preferences are really long, I'll split them up into separate chapters. If you don't know what I mean, just wait and you'll catch in, hopefully! :-) xx

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