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Created For A Reason




A/N: Hey readers, first of all thanks for stopping by. I've had this idea since I've probably been able to write, and I hope I get to the end of this and everyone enjoys it. Yes it is a christian romance; of how God can take two lives, and change them, and eventually they fall in love. Please comment your thoughts, I need to know what you think!

By the way the song on the side has nothing to do with the story I just love the song :)

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     Is there really any point in living when it doesn’t seem you have anything to live for?

     There comes a point in your life when you seek your purpose, your meaning, why you were placed on the earth, who created you, who breathed life into you… But the question that comes up a lot in my world is, “why did I have to go through such hard times? Couldn’t this so called ‘God’ have picked someone else besides me?” Well I’ve often wondered these things for a while, my whole life actually, especially after my wife and daughter was murdered. Throughout my entire life I’ve searched for my reason of birth and existence.

     But God showed me…

     I was created for a reason, my life does have meaning, and I do have a purpose…

     But we should start at the beginning to prove that.

Where it all began:

     I didn't look back. Maybe he was there, maybe he wasn't, but I didn't look back. Jackson was going to pay, someday, I was going to squash him like a bug; I knew it was either that or...he'd kill me first. Speaking of that, he'd already tried killing me just now, that's why I didn't look back; because, if I would have stayed any longer, one of us would be dead right now.

     And actually, I felt as if I was going to kill over anyway.

     Hair black as coal, chilled blue eyes, and an expression resembling someone out for blood reflected off the ruffled puddle on the reflection.

     I traveled along the concrete side-walk, struggling because of my pain. My chest felt miles beyond sore and ached as if I was on the bridge to Hell; I knew I had bruises and cuts beneath the cotton plaid shirt I wore, Jackson had come at me with one of his hunting-knives. I thought about going to a hospital, but I wanted to see Harley, my girlfriend. She was my ticket away from it all, she was my way out, she was my beginning to starting a family, a real loving family.

     Something I had never experienced.

     After climbing the porch steps, taking what little energy I had, I knocked on the front door and leaned on it while waiting for Harley to answer.

     "Jack?" She whispered, soft green eyes showing a shade of confusion.

     "Parents home?" I asked, still leaning on the door, only because I couldn't hold myself up.

     "No, they had a business meeting in Florida. Are-are you alight?"

     I nodded no.

     I stumbled into the house with her help, she struggled with me up the stairs that led into her room; then, I collapsed onto the bed and groaned with pain aloud that it bounced off the walls.

     "Oh God, Jack..." She muttered. "Wh-what happened?" She asked while quietly closing the door.

     "Jackson." I moaned. “It…it got ugly.”

     I looked over to her bed-side-clock and it read, “1:12”, when I came over here I hadn’t realized how late it was, until now of course. Harley had luscious eyes filled with bear concern…I was worrying her. I could see her shaking under that silky white gown, though concerned, she still looked simply beautiful. I smiled through the pain gazing upon her beauty. Endless strands of beautiful chestnut hair, glowing green eyes, full lips that seemed to always be pink, a perfect thin shape, and a small round nose. She was perfect, nothing less, and I wouldn’t even know where to begin if I were to explain her on the inside.

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