Hi, I'm a Student and soon to be Published Author. Check out my blog for updates on that over there. *points to wherever link is located* I am super busy with school, so updates are slow, but summer is coming up, so lots of time for writing. Just as a countermeasure to having an overcrowded news feed where I can't find anything, I don't fan back. Sorry.
I am a nice person so don't feel shy, message me anytime. I will get around to it, just not during school. The people I have linked towards the bottom have some great stories or are really neat people. Check them out, too.

Favorite Book: Name of the Wind be Patrick Rothfuss
Favorite Color: Black, Green
Favorite Video Game: Fallout 4
Currently Playing: Enter the Gungeon
Favorite Movie: Despicable Me 2
Favorite Show: Jessica Jones

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NerdyNinja1 NerdyNinja1 Jun 16, 2016 03:10PM
Hey everyone!
            New update of Murderer and a new book out: Behind the Scenes: Publishing 'Thief'.
            Check out Murderer for a new update in Tawny's flight from persecution and check out Behind the Scene's...
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Behind the Scenes: Publishing 'Thief'

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Description: A behind the scenes look at the publishing of my upcoming novel, Thief. Expect journal entries, character interviews and not-legit scenes posted a week after the go up on my author website. worldofsirap.blogsp...


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