Toxic Jian. {Book 14} by -199os
Toxic Jian. {Book 14} by T.
and we still continue...
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15 and Pregnant (Jack Gilinsky Fanfic) by R5-PadAckles
15 and Pregnant (Jack Gilinsky Fan... by Stephanie
"Cassandra Dallas! Your pregnant?! By my best friend?!" "Cameron it was a drunken mistake!" Cassandra Dallas, 15 years old and pregnant? Read more t...
  • jack
  • fanfic
  • pregnant
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Lycanthropy; The Ascend by ZoeyMonteny
Lycanthropy; The Ascend by Vicky K.
She has been searching for her kind for a lifetime, without success... But what happens when she realizes she isn't the only one? She proceeds on a quest to bring the ly...
  • fantasy
  • werewolf
  • action
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Sahabatku Cinta Terakhirku by Saranghaeyo_29
Sahabatku Cinta Terakhirku by panggilajabininyanamjoon
Disaat seseorang mencintai sahabatnya ... *Nuansa korea dihadirkan ^^
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Area 51 (Jyugo x reader) by kyralovesanime
Area 51 (Jyugo x reader) by Kyra
(F/n)(L/n), a 16 year old female aka inmate number 51, currently incarcerated in Nanba prison for infiltrating Area 51. Though originally placed in a juvenile prison loc...
  • rock
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sasha by ShadowNight374
sasha by dusk
⚠WARNING⚠: very mature sceans a slut 24 seven day and night every hour. when sasha brooks gets along with the bad boy of the school instead of using them what happens...
  • boy
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  • kink
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Relics of Vampires by MollyAvril
Relics of Vampires by Helen
Svět... je pod nadvládou královského upírského rodu Sakamaki. Lidi žijí ve strachu z upírů, ale nemůžou proti nim nijak bojovat. Proto vznikla dohoda mezi lidmi a upír...
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Partners For Crime ~Cop!Levi x Cop!Reader~ by Its_Levi
Partners For Crime ~Cop!Levi x Cop... by Heicho
16,566 WORDS WOWIE Y/N is a new officer at a special, Swat-Like police station called the "Scout Regiment." They specialize in Murders, hostages, Serial Killer...
  • action
  • erwin
  • rivai
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When We Came Back (Dramione) by _A_Roselyn_
When We Came Back (Dramione) by ~Alexandra~
-Under Editing-So Don't Worry If Parts Don't Make Sense They Will Do In A Couple Of Days- It's been 15 years and Hermione and Draco have gotten married and had 3 childre...
  • hogwarts
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  • reunion
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Being Jinyoung's Sister (Season 3) by ImSaera
Being Jinyoung's Sister (Season 3) by JUN
Being Jinyoung's Sister Season 3!!! since some of you requested it Ji Eun's entering a new chapter in her life. But this time she's not alone. She never was but this is...
  • imjaebum
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The Underage Little by Littlekittyspace
The Underage Little by Coco and Bobo
Is it normal to think about DD/LG and BDSM at such a young age? Chloe is thirteen years old and has been reading about DD/LG for a while but she didn't realise she is ju...
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My Shattered Soul by Rozey_Thornz
My Shattered Soul by Jessi
"Hey" I heard my mom whisper to me as I started to wake up a little more by the minute. "Someone in the lobby noticed Ben pushing me and your little broth...
  • teen
  • family
  • fear
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The FEAR (Jyugo x Wercaz!Reader by soapiy
The FEAR (Jyugo x Wercaz!Reader by voltron trash, eyyy
Jyugo, Nico, Rock, and Uno, all get a surprise with an unexpected new cellmate. A cellmate with interesting features, and personalities. What will these four think of th...
  • nico
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  • nanbaka
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 Goner - Jungkook {FF} 15+  by nxxrll
Goner - Jungkook {FF} 15+ by *•Nxxr•*
"Being a goner would be the worst of all." Jungkook said. "Still,never going to stop loving you." mi sun added. *•Contains Sumt•* □Started; Nov 12th...
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Hear My  CRYS by RenayeHinds1
Hear My CRYS by Naya official
Fifteen year old elly went through a tragic ordeal the night both parents died in a fire leaving their shining star on the streets of Compton with no parental supervisio...
  • mmoney
  • crys
  • foullanguage
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I Am Gracie by AikoGraywolfe
I Am Gracie by Aiko Graywolfe
Meet the young girl Gracie Reed, in the life you'd never expect anyone to have. The stories she can tell is shocking to many and would come off as insane to normal peopl...
  • experiments
  • creepy
  • teen
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insanity  by MYDICC
insanity by ㅤ
  • 17
  • gasp
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Broken Arrows (Daryl Dixon) by Just_My_Little_World
Broken Arrows (Daryl Dixon) by Just_My_Little_World
Everyone fifteen year old Devore Caverly knows is gone and the dead are coming back to life. She's been held up in her childhood home for weeks and supplies are getting...
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  • walkingdead
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bad boys girl by chandini4
bad boys girl by chandini4
what happens when bad....meets good where happy and sad collide how two opposites attract ...if the obstacles will unite or break the two with siddarth nigam and mohini...
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Nightmare (BTS hoseok story) by unknown943
Nightmare (BTS hoseok story) by unknown943
Depression, anxiety, insomnia, self harm, night terrors, everything. She has it all. Lost everyone she loved at 14, has abusive adoptive parents, bullies, what doesn't...
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  • junghoseok
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