I'm sarcastic, a nerd, casual gamer, and just overall weird and fun. I'm an adult with the mentality of a five year old so I always snicker when my books hit 69 or 666 in some form. Every. Damn. Time.

I work two jobs and squeeze in as much writing time as I can. Have a degree in computer arts and graphic design. Extremely introverted and shy, but I always try to respond to most every comment I get.

Common themes or characters you'll find in my books are: Shifters, sarcasm, and nerdy stuff. I often pay homage to things I like, even if I'm the only one who notices, so be on the look out for things that look like a nod to something. I have Supernatural nods, Orphan Black nods, and I was happy to write a super hero book to be able to slip in comic book movie nods.

Nobody actually reads my profile, but please don't randomly message me links or read requests. I find that rude and will block you. Same goes for advertising your story in mine.

My stories posted are all rough drafts unless otherwise noted. Because they are rough drafts, I know there are various typos but I won't fix them on wattpad. I save that for a final draft...if it gets that far. Which admittedly most probably won't for various reasons.

The edited draft of Freelander is on SwoonReads for potential publishing: https://swoonreads.com/m/freelander/ It's unlikely it's ever picked, but worth a shot.

I guess that's it. If you actually read this, hooray! Here's a cookie 🍪 or you can pretend this is a gummy bear 🐻 (how is there not a gummy bear emoji? I'm heart broken) and have that instead.
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Prisim Prisim Oct 29, 2017 03:17AM
All right gang, I'm going to do my best to push through the last 3 chapters of GoC editing tomorrow which means I will be doing NaNoWriMo again. However, I'm also going to be re-tiling my house start...
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