Aaron Kite is a writer/artist who likes putting slashes between occupations and who very rarely refers to himself in the third person. He was born on the exact same day that São Paulo Metro was inaugurated in Brazil, which the authorities claim is pure coincidence.

He has been interviewed by Science Magazine, the Calgary Herald, National Geographic, and this shady fellow named ‘Jimmy’ who kept pointedly asking him about his success as a writer with questions like “Got any spare change?” and “C’mon, really, do ya? I gotta catch a bus.”

Aaron was one of the founding members of the amateur writing group “Starting Write Now”, as well as countless side-projects which he’d mention by name if the government would finally get around to granting him immunity. He lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which really ought to have another sub-section to it, because another comma there would look really slick.

At present he has four finished novels – “Two Cats”, the sequel “Jade Mouse”, the third novel "Ten Arrows", as well as the standalone (but with sequels percolating in his brain) novel "A Touch of Poison". He’s currently in the middle of writing the novel "Revenant", and a collaborative work titled "Shiftless", as well as about eleven or so other books that are all in varying states of doneness. When writing, he likes to disable his spell-checker and make up words, as is illustrated by the use of ‘doneness’ above.

He's allergic to cats, and thus he tries to arrange it so he's living with one whenever possible, probably just to prove a point of some sort.

FAVORITE AUTHORS: Steven Brust, Jim Butcher, Dave Duncan, Mercedes Lackey, Spider Robinson

A TOUCH OF POISON is now available on Amazon!
Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Touch-Poison-Aaron-Kite-ebook/dp/B00LAFTEMO/
Paperback: http://www.amazon.com/A-Touch-Poison-Aaron-Kite/dp/1927400597/

And already there's *several* 5-star reviews. I love you guys. :D
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Hey all you crazy beautiful people out there. It's me, Aaron. Still slaving away on Revenant (as well as a few other things) but had a small request I'd like to throw out there. Fellow wattpad enthusiast and lovely human being @nerdyninja1 is going off to college, and is hoping to offset some of the cost by winning a scholarship, but she needs our help. 
      All you have to do is click on the following link and vote: http://www.drpeppertuition.com/profile/834803916639494  It only takes a second, but your vote would be very much appreciated. 
      Thanks guys. And yes, a new chappie for Revenant will hopefully be posted soon. ;)
N_D_Iverson posted a message to ironkite
So you're from Calgary, eh? Well, well, I'm from your rival city Edmonton. "Oilers rock!"---said no one ever. 
      Also I just started in on Revenant; pretty awesome read so far! 
nash_92 posted a message to ironkite
Hey..wondering if  you'r  ever gonna get your tucat series published?coz I'd love to buy it .seriously...I'm itching to read it all over again!it has a solid story line,wit ,humour,all sprts of twists and turns..it simply pulls you into harael nd wont let go...ohh..nd i love tucat..that's the BEST book iv read on wattpad.you are simply awesome and I'd love to pick your brain and read those sequels percolating there:) Thank you for putting it up on wattpad