Hello! My name is Deanna and I love writing for you all here at Wattpad. I've been on a LOOOOONG break while starting my own company as a life and business coach! I'm back baby! I've got so many wonderful ideas to share with you!  (Yes, 16 is still on hold, so sorry about that!) 

I enjoy reading drama, literature, paranormal, horror, urban fantasy, young adult and many other types of writing. I read a lot, and I mean a lot!

I live in the Midwest, USA. I have a fantastic husband, two beautiful sons and a few great dogs!

Please take the time to vote and comment on anything you like.

NEW: My short story "Hunting Season" has been posted as part of a collection read it here:

I've been interviewed - if you want to read about my views on horror writing read on:

Wattpad reviews No Heroes Here! http://youtu.be/6GqOptgQUzM
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Sixteen (ON HOLD)

Social data: 889K reads. 5.8K votes. 1.5K comments.

Description: In the fall of 2010, sixteen teenagers suddenly vanished without a trace from a small suburban town in the Midwest. Each one was sixteen years old. There were no witnesses, no ransom notes, no clues whatsoeve...

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