It's about time to write a new Intro.

Welcome to my page. If you're wondering where you are- you're in my world now. If you're wondering who I am- don't. I'm just another soul floating about sharing the junk that fills my brain.
My gift to you are simply my words that absorb into your mind, creating moving images based solely on the thoughts I'm projecting unto you- Enjoy.

I'm a 27 year old, mother of 2 and my time is distributed poorly to my bad habits (one of them which is writing). Currently, I'ma hairstylist, photographer and a self proclaimed writer so bare with me as I attempt to balance everything. I apologize for the shit that is my grammar. All my work posted on here needs some serious editing- HOWEVER, my work itself, the story lines...the characters....they feel real. It'll make you happy, sad, angry to the point of yelling at your phone/pc.

I love books. I'm a serious bookworm *lowers glasses* I live by my own logic and visit the gutter frequently =) *nods proudly* I live in an alternate universe and this is where fantasy and reality blend together creating a dark abyss filled with everything from supernatural beings to extraordinary characters who test their limits and learn lessons the hard way (much like we do). I'm a hopeless romantic and a firm believer that even in the darkest of times and most hopeless situations that love conquers all *extends buckets for weak stomachs*

So feel free to check out my work. I have a variety, as my taste is as eclectic as I am. In my writing circle are two very amazing and talented authors. @Vicky_nfs and @Emmiie

(You can purchase your copy of SG- but I am in the works of prettying up the novel)

Advice for other writers- Nothing good comes without hard work, dedication and a hell of a lot of inspiration!

I am NOT taking reading requests at this time -sorry.

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Description: She's back and more immortal than ever. Freshly turned, Trinity Sage tries to pick up the pieces of her life .Going from Hunter to hunted after choosing to turn, Trinity goes on a quest to gain her soul back. So when complications arise and secrets...

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The Alliance (Completed)

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KatrinaRichter63 posted a message to Leigh19
Dear Leah please start putting more chapters sex  game if you do not intend to write any more about it, or its going to be a long time. Please let me know. If I don't hear from you I will discontinue reading your story. I also fear that I will be left empty-handed. Thank you for your time. Katy
KatrinaRichter63 posted a message to Leigh19
Some of this I am not aware of I'll be asleep and its pushing my boundaries but the writing is perfectly well done thank you for the entertainment Katy 
A message to all my followers. I apologize from the bottom of my heart for the lack of updates. Real life definitely interferred with my writing or there lack of. However, writing has and will always be a guilty pleasure of mine. I'd like to let you all know that The Alliance is in the process of being published and my works such as The Sex Games and TA2 is very much still in the works. I will try my very best to post something as soon as possible. I'm very grateful for all of your support, it's pushed me beyond the limits I set for myself and you each are wonderful. xoxo
LaurenGates posted a message to Leigh19
I love love love The Alliance. I forgot I was reading a book and thought I was in Trinity's life. I would say you get this done and then you could read more. I would only end up reading. I would love to see an update but life and motherhood are more important. So for now I will finish the story myself.  
TinaDavis033091 posted a message to Leigh19
I really wish u would update the sex game's:virgin I am come tell obsessed with this book and I think it deserves to be finished so all the readers can find out what happens to Kaydence...if she ends up with the prince or not
AstoldbyKarma posted a message to Leigh19
Omgggggg I've had this book in my story list dying for it to be updated. I hope that your been treated well for 2015 and I really hope to god you update soon!!!! Lol I need to know if they kissed

none taken :) any criticism is very much welcome. As for her character - youre right she's too slutty...she's very inexperienced, tossed into a world she's trying to adjust to. Everything is riding on the fact that she preforms accordingly or else she goes back to poverty. Then her libido is pulling her in ways she didn't know she could feel. Sometimes the sluttiest girls are the most square ones out there :)