The Sugar Daddy Club by SanC-Rylie
The Sugar Daddy Club by SanC Rylieboo Romance
There comes a time in life when you have to make some hard decisions and you just have to do what you've got to do, no matter how repulsive or nauseating you might find...
Stripper || z.m  by givenchymalik
Stripper || z.m by aspireful 🌿 Fanfiction
❝Princess to the public but a freak when its time.❞ Published: August 12, 2016
mr. minter ♡ minishaw by a-stronomy
mr. minter ♡ minishaw by -astronomy ♡ Short Story
' i'm not mr. minters- oh fuck i'm his sugar baby ' ' and his fake boyfriend. how did you go from stripper to a trillionaire's boyfriend in less than 24 hours? '
Sugar Baby by Miyou01
Sugar Baby by Miyou Fanfiction
It's all pleasure and money, until feelings change.
Primadonna Girl | Harry Styles by issaharrystyles
Primadonna Girl | Harry Styles by issaharrystyles Fanfiction
Primadonna Girl: 01: a person that's considered vain, temperamental and/or conceited. 02: Someone who exhausts you with their constant need for affection to glorify the...
Sugar Baby | baekyeon 18+ by aileetrash-
Sugar Baby | baekyeon 18+ by iluvmypinksweater Fanfiction
»Sugar Baby» Taeyeon's life was just a regular Kpop idol one with tight schedules, rehearsals and fan service clubs. But after the well known and most loved EXO member...
Sugar Momma  by xDrColax
Sugar Momma by Symone Romance
"You've got the looks, and I have the money"
New Bunny In Town  by bruhgirl36
New Bunny In Town by bruhgirl36 Romance
What happens to a 17 year old girl once she starts working in an exclusive club? ~~Diamond is young, beautiful, very outgoing, and a bit manipulative. She's a caring per...
「 Pretty Boy 」➳  VKook by DaphMoon
「 Pretty Boy 」➳ VKook by ★『 Daph 』★ Fanfiction
Tras la muerte de su madre, Kim Taehyung debe hacerse cargo de su hermano. Dos chicos. Una casa. Hormonas alborotadas. ¿Será capaz Tae de resistir a los encantos de su...
Feel - Larry Stylinson by stylinperf
Feel - Larry Stylinson by larry af Fanfiction
In the pools of your burning love I wade. Such a mistake, but the best mistake I ever made. © stylinperf, 2016. All rights reserved. *COMPLETED* sugar!daddy - sugar!baby
Be my daddy! (Proyecto para encontrar daddy's mommy's y baby's ) by DarkSoulMaster
Be my daddy! (Proyecto para encont... by DarkSoulMaster Random
¡Encuentra un Daddy, Mommy o Baby de manera sencilla simplemente llenando un pequeño formulario! Debido a que wattpad elimino el anterior he decidido crear un nuevo proy...
Sugar Daddy by ArianaLouisTommo
Sugar Daddy by let_me_love_you Teen Fiction
Sugar Daddy [Informal] A rich older man who gives gifts or money to a very young girl in exchange for favors mainly sexual favors. When you love someone, truly love them...
Perdón, papi. by MirIllyuzii
Perdón, papi. by Rachel Fanfiction
- Perdóname, papi - Las lágrimas corrían por las mejillas del menor al recibir aquellos fuertes golpes en sus nalgas. - Fue sin querer, papi; yo no quise romperlo, lo ju...
Sugar Daddy Jack Gilinsky by honey_lemon_drops1
Sugar Daddy Jack Gilinsky by honey_lemon_drops1 Fanfiction
"Let me Fuck you how I want, when I want, where I want and I'll buy you the world.
Sugar daddy : : A.I by cosmicqueer
Sugar daddy : : A.I by Llama Fanfiction
in which Ashton Irwin the head of Irwin corps is looking for a sugar baby on a site which Kaya fanning accidentally opened. BEFORE READING - no its not fanning "t...
FALSE ALARM  ─  jdm. by unholynegan
FALSE ALARM ─ jdm. by a wilting rose 🥀 Fanfiction
─ is that all you want to be? liked? wouldn't you rather be passionately and voraciously desired? (jeffrey dean morgan x oc | sugar daddy au)
This is The Game [KRAY] by Acaramelada2
This is The Game [KRAY] by 🍇Shin Nammy🍇 Fanfiction
❁ ❝─ Creo debo de agradecerte ¿No es así? ─Aportó Yixing mirando al desconocido─. ─ ¿Por qué deberías de agradecerme a mi? ─Respondió el desconocido que llevab...
pink princess // l.s. by isleoflightlessnerds
pink princess // l.s. by maddie xoxo Fanfiction
"What would you like, princess?" "Pink." // (Sugardaddy!Harry & Sugarbaby!Louis)
DELIVER  ུ  J. D. MORGAN [1] by szasdoves
DELIVER ུ J. D. MORGAN [1] by 🕊 Fanfiction
❝ Yeah, my baby know that I deliver. ❞