Diabolik Lovers X Reader by weirdccokie
Diabolik Lovers X Reader by 🌸 Rin 🌸 Fanfiction
(Y/N) Sakamaki is the youngest sibling in the Sakamaki mansion. The little sister of the Sakamaki brothers and they love her more than anything. But what will happen whe...
Tom Holland & Peter Parker IMAGINES  by angeldescending
Tom Holland & Peter Parker IMAGINE... by ➹Ash➹ Fanfiction
❝I keep craving, craving, you don't know it but it's true Can't get my mouth to say the words they want to say to you This is typical of love Can't wait...
DIZA Oneshots ❤ by littlelostgirl13
DIZA Oneshots ❤ by littlelostgirl13 Fanfiction
These are requested diza stories 💕 Please give me requests for stores in the comments!✌♥ #387 in romance!
Sanders Sides One Shots by mind_writing
Sanders Sides One Shots by The Phander 💕😅 Fanfiction
I take requests! (But no smut obviously) To all my irl friends on here, please ignore this. Cover fanart by: Cami-Cat-Doodles All rights to these characters goes to Thom...
Fart's Graphics by fartette
Fart's Graphics by jim hopper Random
hello! i am andy and i make things. here lies a portfolio and cover shop. come on in, i don't bite! #92 in random; 11.11.17 STATUS: CLOSED FOR...
Undertale AU Oneshots, lemons, or fluff *REQUESTS CLOSED* by Luvmeharderthanever
pristine haze。 by aeyeonii
pristine haze。 by #PeekABoo👌 Random
❝graphic series #4: daze 2 : haze. pristine haze, a flawless graphic shop. serving pastel, tumblr-ish and aesthetic covers only.❞ 呪いシリーズ ✔ 101317 [ opened. ] ー highest...
Bts Smut  by marshmellea
Bts Smut by CREAMPIE Fanfiction
Smut smut ..., here some smut. If u r underage please don't read🔞🔞, this contents many dirty things., I made this story for dirty mind person. Okay bye...xd
Kuso Art | #2 by SpiderPrincess
Kuso Art | #2 by Hime Random
[Anime N' Art 2] A book where I present my somewhat-ok arts... I started this book at the start of this year (2017), and honestly, most of the stuff in the first half is...
Overwatch Ladies x Reader imagine/headcanon/one-shot by Astarlow
Overwatch Ladies x Reader imagine... by Astarlow Fanfiction
All my post on Tumblr is now here on Wattpad. I do imagine, headcanon and one-shot but only with the Overwatch Ladies. You can always give me some requests in the commen...
「S Q U A R E  O N E 」graphics. by jiminfication
「S Q U A R E O N E 」graphics. by PUMPKIN Random
Accepts requests of Bookcovers! Feel free to message me the title, plot and storyline, and I'll make a few options for you. 「BE RESPECTFUL」 Please do not critisise me...
Teen Wolf Preferences/Imagines by GingerMendes1
Teen Wolf Preferences/Imagines by GingerMendes1 Fanfiction
Includes Scott Stiles Derek Isaac Liam Parrish Theo Aiden
Mileven One Shots || Requests [OPEN] || by Mills-is-Eleven
Mileven One Shots || Requests [OPE... by Bella💘 Fanfiction
So here is Mileven one-shots! I've never made one-shots before so bare with me. ||Requests [OPEN]||
Billdip Shorts! (Requests are welcomed) by Nightcore622
Billdip Shorts! (Requests are welc... by (Lea) Fanfiction
Welcome my lovelies. These are tales of Romance, of hardship, whatever I choose~ You may ask for a story if I so choose to allow it. Your request are also very welcome...
Owari No Seraph x Readers Request~!♡‿♡ (EDITING) by LittleSweetJam
X Reader One-Shots [requests closed] by Disneylover8
X Reader One-Shots [requests close... by Angelica Schuyler Fanfiction
#94 in Fanfiction!! Started 2-18-17!! Take requests from any story. Feminine POV / only other wise if requested. A book of one shots is for people who have no love life...
We Got Married! (EXO Chanyeol x Reader) by cupcakiez
We Got Married! (EXO Chanyeol x Re... by Minty&cupcakiez Fanfiction
You are a Kpop idol in a group called GEM. Someone rang your dorm room doorbell and one of your members went to check it out. Next thing you know it, she comes in with a...
Prefrences💕Stranger Things💕Requests {OPEN} by -januaryembers
Prefrences💕Stranger Things💕Reque... by STAN IS THE MAN Fanfiction
Preferences for the Netflix show 'Stranger Things'. A.K.A My oxygen. There will be preferences for Mike, Will, Dustin, Lucas, Jonathan and Steve. I take requests, read t...
Sonic Boys X Reader by Silverx721
Sonic Boys X Reader by Haven the Wolf Fanfiction
GIRLS ONLY... Unless your gay, the you can read :p