The Punk and the Princess (A Dave Grohl Fanfiction) by frusciantefiction
The Punk and the Princess (A Frusciante Fiction
Before the Foo Fighters, before Nirvana, before even Scream, there was a girl. Julia Maxwell caught Dave's attention from the moment they first met. Dave was starting a...
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  • foofighters
  • kristnovoselic
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"You're so fucking ignorant." "I'm not the one who said they wanted to, and I quote, 'fuck two hot ass boys'". ©labradoorr 2017
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Smiles - Danganronpa x Male!Reader by Shuichiko
Smiles - Danganronpa x Male!Readerby Shuichi
Y/N L/N. A young boy who lives alone. He was just a boy who wanted to be like others, to be normal. But that would never happen... Or so he thought. He was treated like...
  • hajime
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  • zomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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Nevermind by KiyoKahn
Nevermindby KiyoKahn
Opowieść o Nastolatce walczącej ze swoją psychiką...czy da rade?
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  • miłość
  • depresja
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psycholover by ArishmitaMukherjee
psycholoverby Arishmita Mukherjee
not your usual yandere..#41 in mystery/thriller on 13/10/17.,#40 on 14/10/17 #37 on 12/11/17.#35 on 2/12/17
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Group Hugs and Food Goo (Insecure Lance Fic) by Catneps
Group Hugs and Food Goo ( Hey man,
Lance lets the stress get to him because he feels excluded. The team tries(and succeeds) to help. AKA the really fluffy fic where no ones sick, injured, or dying. A/N ...
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Book of Sonia Nevermind  by fanfiction553
Book of Sonia Nevermind by Female Tododeku
This is the book for the lovely Sonia Nevermind
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The Unluckiest Boy Alive! (Danganronpa Despair Arc x Male Reader) by Lifelover222
The Unluckiest Boy Alive! ( Lifelover222
Cursed with bad luck and hated by talent, (Y/N) (L/N) lives a sad lonely life. But all that changes when he is invited to attend Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Unlu...
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Danganronpa 2.5 : Welcome Back To Despair Island by AustinandAlly225
Danganronpa 2.5 : Welcome Back SHSL Oumami
'The Remnants of Despair are have to adjust to their new life on the real Jabberwock Island without 11 of their friends that they can't stand living without. The only w...
  • owari
  • sdr2
  • akane
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Ask Or Dare Souda Kazuichi by Souda_Kazuichi
Ask Or Dare Souda Kazuichiby Souda_Kazuichi
Dare me or ask me anything im up for any challenge None will be denied so what are you waiting for read it!
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Questions by friedtomato_
Questionsby jhngb
Warning: Bawal ang tamang sagot⚠⚠
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10 days 10 fanfictions 10 emotions 1 character by KottaKitty
10 days 10 fanfictions 10 Hayley
Writing challange: You have 10 days to write 10 fanfictions based on 10 emotions all centered around one character. I have chosen Souda Kazuichi from Super Dangan Ronpa...
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DDSoD by sorryileftguys
DDSoDby Sorry, I left
The second killing game..the old masterminds..back?! That's right. Maki and Kaito are back at it again spreading despair throughout the world. And that means that prince...
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Brown Eyed Girl | Kurt Cobain  by RomaAlMora
Brown Eyed Girl | Kurt Cobain by Ramona//Roma
After Nirvana's sudden sucess and a failed relationship with Courtney Love, Kurt revisits his hometown Aberdeen in hopes of getting clean. His plans are soon foiled when...
  • drugs
  • nirvana
  • mature
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Who are you (ouat fanfic) by Fan_girlsss
Who are you (ouat fanfic)by ✨Melody✨
"Who are you gonna be when I'm lost and I'm scared, who are you gonna be when there's nobody there, who are you today cause I am still the same" Summer, a norm...
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The Effects of Waiting  by GraceThayn
The Effects of Waiting by GraceThayn
Sad Poetry
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  • healing
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Nirvana Zodiac by band_obsessed_nerd
Nirvana Zodiacby Bean
Find out what Nirvana member/album/song/lyric your zodiac is
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Save Me ; Park Jimin / 박지민 [re-edited] by wannabaeney-
Save Me ; Park Jimin / 박지민 [ .ygny.
Warning - I'm still re-edit this story "Thank you, for save me from sad all day" - Park Jimin ____________________________ ✌Started ;; [ 21.06.2016 ] ✌Comp...
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Unlikely Hope or Unlucky Despair? (Danganronpa Despair Arc x Male Reader) by Lifelover222
Unlikely Hope or Unlucky Lifelover222
Hope's Peak Academy was supposed to train the hope of our world, the Ultimate Students. So isn't it ironic that the biggest, most awful, most tragic event in human histo...
  • chiaki
  • unlucky
  • hope
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love at First Drown (Sebastian x reader)  by My_Ciel_Phantomhive
love at First Drown (Sebastian x My_Ciel_Phantomhive
You were walking on the London bridge just enjoying the weather when out of know were a carriage hits you off the bridge. Next thing you know you were on the ground with...
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