The Mascot and the Girl Behind the Camera by JoyTheAuthor
The Mascot and the Girl Behind the... by JoyTheAuthor Teen Fiction
Jo-Jo Kent is your average high school junior. She hides behind a smile, a stack of textbooks, and in her case, a camera. As the school's main photographer Jo-Jo goes ev...
Notice Me Senpai by _Kpopfanfics_
Notice Me Senpai by K-pop fanfics Fanfiction
Attention and injuries; what happens? All rights reserved Don't copy please Mark Tuan fanfic
Dodgers  New Mascot ( Corey seager love story)  by ceceforever15
Dodgers New Mascot ( Corey seager... by Cece Ruiz Fanfiction
Los Angeles Dodgers Finally get a mascot about time don't you think! Identity won't be revealed till regular season is over The guys won't have a clue who will be behi...
The Bad Boy's Mascot  by Momo3625
The Bad Boy's Mascot by LilChocolateDonut ChickLit
Melanie Cartwright never really pictured herself falling in love. But she also never pictured herself being kidnapped while wearing a beaver costume. What happens when M...
MASCOT ─j.jk by luzille Fanfiction
who is inside of that.
Behind that Mascot/ Cameron Dallas by birdies405
Behind that Mascot/ Cameron Dallas by Lily Fanfiction
A shy girl who get bullied but they don't know who she going threw.
Next Generation? [YouTuber's Mascot Fanfic] by NerdyVicky8D
Next Generation? [YouTuber's Masco... by Marley Magnificent Fanfiction
Ok so... God what should I say? Oh uh, well hello there guys, it's Vick here! And welcome to my another fanfic of YouTube ^W^ So this time, it'll be YouTubers mascot! I...
Kidnapped by Southwest's mascot. by WeAreTheShadows
Kidnapped by Southwest's mascot. by Bebe Humor
Michelle Brooks, a normal high school teenager at NorthWest High. Until, that is, her mother forces her to become the school mascot, the Hawk. Humiliated, she decides to...
My Waifu Became Real! by Cawfee_Connoisseur
My Waifu Became Real! by Cawfee_Connoisseur Short Story
Eiji has devoted his life to the pop culture phenomenon, Sunohara Minei, claiming her to be his waifu. But one day, his deepest desire is granted, and she becomes real...
His Mask by BoredSummerNights
His Mask by Eden Teen Fiction
~Originally The Secret Life of Trevor the Mascot~ After a night of sneaking into a school and a security camera, Trevor Azlo, just a regular high school Junior, is t...
A Mascot Behind by JagiArmy
A Mascot Behind by CJRK Teen Fiction
The mascot that helped me pass through my hard times, the mascot that helped me to smile, the mascot that made me LOVE MYSELF right now, I wonder who he really was. Star...