[ C ] Mascot || Jungkook ❀ by wonxzi_
[ C ] Mascot || Jungkook ❀ by Gummy ❀
+ walaupun aku tak nampak kau , aku rasa kau comel pakai maskot ni. ▶Nut's short story◀ start : 7 / 10 / 2016 end : 16 / 10 / 2016
  • jieun
  • rillakuma
  • jungjira
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A Good Pounding by Crackheadcat
A Good Pounding by the sin tree
Girl gets in trouble. Girl has to be a mascot as punishment. Girl gets kidnapped by rival team and gets held hostage in a dimly lit garage as a prank. Oh, was that enou...
  • mascot
  • fights
  • asshole
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Notice Me Senpai (Mark FF) by KpopFantasies2017
Notice Me Senpai (Mark FF) by KpopFantasies2017
Attention and injuries; what happens? All rights reserved Don't copy please Mark Tuan fanfic
  • mark
  • love
  • basketball
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He Came by OopsLarryIsReal
He Came by OopsLarryIsReal
au where harry actually was the mascot at louis' charity football match.
  • tomlinson
  • football
  • mascot
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Mascot by jiminifyd
Mascot by Pio🌙
In wich a girl finds a boy cute even though she can't see his face because he's in a mascot. Jungkook ff. © @bananamilkchazzie
  • mascot
  • kpop
  • maknae
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Kidnapped by Southwest's mascot. by WeAreTheShadows
Kidnapped by Southwest's mascot. by Bebe
Michelle Brooks, a normal high school teenager at NorthWest High. Until, that is, her mother forces her to become the school mascot, the Hawk. Humiliated, she decides to...
  • highschool
  • kidnapped
  • family
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The Mascot and the Girl Behind the Camera by JoyTheAuthor
The Mascot and the Girl Behind the... by JoyTheAuthor
Jo-Jo Kent is your average high school junior. She hides behind a smile, a stack of textbooks, and in her case, a camera. As the school's main photographer Jo-Jo goes ev...
  • killtheclichè
  • mascot
  • teen
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The Mascot by FarakhanRashid
The Mascot by Farakhan A. Rashid
*** "I won't bite...yet" He says with his signature smirk. I'm contemplating whether to continue walking in this rain or let him drive me home. The moment I h...
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  • royalty
  • mascot
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