Saved By The Nerd // McCann by ChristianJustin
Saved By The Nerd // McCann by Moonlight Princess Romance
Sasha Fame, straight A student. The clumsy brunette happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. What happens when she stubbles upon the schools bad boy? *I WROT...
ariana grande imagines by -kingcalum
ariana grande imagines by v Fanfiction
the title's pretty self explanatory but basically this is about one-shots about (y/n) and your relationship with the queen herself, ariana grande :-) ariana/you cover b...
Bitten (Harry Styles Vampire) by RainWriter
Bitten (Harry Styles Vampire) by Inez Fanfiction
Who would've thought vampires existed? When they reveal themselves in the year 2137 the war breaks out. All the vampires want is freedom but the humans are too scared to...
the most precious secret  - maciana ❤ by OneLoveMoonlight
the most precious secret - macian... by MoonlightBae ❤ Fanfiction
arianas family life is alot different to what her school friends know of her.. ariana is a normal teenage girl to everyone else. nobody knows she has a three year old da...
Paní neznámá • Jariana by SweeetieGirl
Paní neznámá • Jariana by Zigi.♥ Fanfiction
Juss: Ehmm.. Nechceš mi už konečně říct, jak se jmenuješ?😶 Paní neznámá: Paní neznámá 😜 Juss: Tohle není tvé jméno.. Paní neznámá: A co když je?😝 • Texting 2017 ♥
Hariana Instagram Story [h.s/a.g]  by __Moonliiight__
Hariana Instagram Story [h.s/a.g] by Camila 💓 Fanfiction
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Im Not Like The Rest, Harry Styles by whoooopdeedoo
Im Not Like The Rest, Harry Styles by whoooopdeedoo Fanfiction
After Skylar Cowell's mother died, her father turned into the opposite of who he used to be. After some horrific events, Skylar is sent to live in London with her Uncle...
The Mechanic by flair237
The Mechanic by IWriteJemiNotTragedies Fanfiction
One mechanic. One rich girl. One faulty car. Unexpected love.
instagram | hariana by harianatrash
instagram | hariana by ariya Fanfiction
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iMessage • jariana by jarianass
iMessage • jariana by i.stan.jariana ;) Fanfiction
neither ariana or justin are famous in this story
The Inevitable by inactivesry
The Inevitable by inactivesry Fanfiction
Camila Cabello is the most popular and feared girl in her high school. As the daughter of the very strict principal, she has the power to ruin anyone at the snap of her...
1st Book: We got that twisted love by jblover1239
1st Book: We got that twisted love by jblover1239 Teen Fiction
Kyla is scooter brauns daughter and loves hanging out with every celebrity that is every celebrity except Justin Bieber, what will happen? Will they fall in love? Will t...
My Sweet Goal ≫ jariana by drewsarianah
My Sweet Goal ≫ jariana by alondra taissss Fanfiction
She used to be just a goal to him, but now she's his everything, and he will do anything to stay with her. Anything. And so will she. All rights reserved || Copyright ©...
Instagram || Justin Bieber. by VictoriaGeraldine
Instagram || Justin Bieber. by Vic Fanfiction
and it all started with a comment. highest ranking; #43 in FanFiction © 2017, Victoria Geraldine translations are tagged in the first chapter.
I Love Him - Jariana by biebermilkovich
I Love Him - Jariana by kiwi Fanfiction
Ariana has been with Justin for a year now and she's talked to him but they mostly only said hi. She thought going on tour with him would be a disaster, until she actual...
McCann's Maid - (jariana)  by Jarianachanel
McCann's Maid - (jariana) by stargirl Fanfiction
Ariana once had a "normal" life, lately she hasn't had that and it's slowly crumbling down, looking for a new job, she finds one as the house keeper of one of...
The Boss || j.b by Eli4Justin
The Boss || j.b by El Fanfiction
Read inside for description,
kik ➼ ariana grande by tyleretjosh
kik ➼ ariana grande by emily ☼ Fanfiction
"i'm ariana but i prefer people to call me ari."
Book Covers |OPEN| by moonliightangel
Book Covers |OPEN| by 🌻 Fanfiction
I would gladly love to help out on making covers for your books! ♡ Read "Welcome" on how to get one.
The bully and his brother (Justin bieber and Ariana grande) by jblover1239
The bully and his brother (Justin... by jblover1239 Fanfiction
Ariana Grande is a normal teenager but suffers depression and gets bullied by Justin Bieber and his friends. When Justin comes across the type of lifestyle Ariana has, h...