I'm a Cheerleader Book 1 ✔ by KawaiiArtsy
I'm a Cheerleader Book 1 ✔by Walker D.
"Shut up I know what your already going to say." I said rolling my eyes. He smirked and shook his head. "Well what was I going to say then?" Derric...
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  • mason
  • sam
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a diamond in the rough ≫ kyrie irving by damnkyrie
a diamond in the rough ≫ kyrie v i v
"love has no culture, boundaries, race and religion. It is pure and beautiful like morning sunshine falling in a lake" when a rising star loses its spark can...
  • nfl
  • kyrie
  • sport
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Sarah 2 by itiaraa
Sarah 2by Tiara.
Sarah 2 Must read Book 1 - Sarah.
  • derrick
  • sarah2
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Derrick by SuperDeepUsername
Derrickby Autumn G.
*"I never wanted this. I'd never wanted Sebastian, in the beginning. I traded one king for another. And I didn't want either one."* Elizabeth has be...
  • passion
  • werewolf
  • vampire
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Insane and In Love ✽ Derrick Rose. by KarlTheAuthor
Insane and In Love ✽ Derrick ✧*ೃ࿐k a r l
❝It takes a strong man to handle a broken woman..❞ ---- Stuck in an abusive relationship, Kirsten is constantly self harming. She meets Derrick, who at f...
  • urban
  • derrick
  • harm
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The Three Bad Boys Meet The Three Good Girls by Ateng_Black
The Three Bad Boys Meet The Ate Black
What Will Happen If The Three Gangsters Fell Inlove In The Three Good Girls Just Read And You Will Find Out What Will Happen -GD_jiji
  • gabriel
  • jiji
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Time Bomb {Alex Gaskarth} (Continuing If Requested) by myboxedeyeballs
Time Bomb {Alex Gaskarth} ( Jess
What if you had a timer counting down until the day you meet the love of your life? And what if you got the wrong person?
  • gaskarth
  • dawson
  • atl
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Wolf Possession by DMloyalfan
Wolf Possessionby I'm a Turtle!
A 19/20 year old girl named Alex lives with her bestie, Anna, in Beacon hills, and they were at a park when it all went down. When she helps Scott, Stiles, Derrick, Isaa...
  • anna
  • possessed
  • scalex
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Armada Leviticus by DerrickMoore6
Armada Leviticusby Derrick Moore
(Sequel of Helix Primordial) Varick Amdromalus, Kartina Zinxtan, Jack Reeves, Lazarus, Derrick, and the crew of Delta 2X are in a bind: survive the Saris Legion and ever...
  • helix
  • varick
  • space
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RHPC Boyfriend Scenarios/Preferences  by Masked_Vigelate
RHPC Boyfriend Scenarios/ Mrs. Evans!
Because why not.
  • ryanhiag
  • rhpc
  • sean
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Best Of Us  by snowflakelove1616
Best Of Us by ❄Tyra Monet Robinson❄
Book 2 Now it's round two of Jasmine and Derrick, and Yasmine and Gregorry love Jasmine and Derrick got engaged the same night Yasmine and Gregorry did but not even a w...
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