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A Little Bit of Everything  by SugnyeoJeoja3337
A Little Bit of Everything by SmolBlackLamb
[Cale Henituse x WMMAP] [TCF x WMMAP] After the whole Hunter thing lays a 24 year old Cale Henituse. Who knew that his story will be an open ending like the others which...
LOTM react by ayasenisan1713
LOTM reactby ayasenisan1713
In Mr. Fool's dream, the members of the Tarot Club see Mr. Fool's memories.
"To Protect You"(Hiatus) by theoldestfox
"To Protect You"(Hiatus)by Aarshiya
The "Crown Prince", at least that's what they called him, A perfect prince charming on the outside while a lonely little boy on the inside, He who quite liked...
EMPRESS  BEATRICE  by veronicaharmonic
EMPRESS BEATRICE by veronicaharmonic
What if a wealthy mother was reborn as the former empress in wmmap? Read to find out.
Miserable Wretches 🥀 by jianyuu0
Miserable Wretches 🥀by Jianyuu
Lcf x LotM (crossover) Ding! There was a notification popped up on the tablet-like mirror which is a divine item given by God of Death. The message was: [Would you like...
Lovely Princess ~ The Forgotten Sequel by SaraTatiana5
Lovely Princess ~ The Forgotten Sam
"What will it take to love her...?" "Should I transmigrate into that world?" "Then...Can she lead a better life?" "Fool..." &quo...
Saving You, Princess [LUCAS x OC] by Author_Rachel
Saving You, Princess [LUCAS x OC]by Choi Yeoju
One morning, I found myself becoming the younger sister of Ijekiel Alpheus, a character who didn't exist in the story. My life goal is to stay by my favourite character...
Lord of the Mysteries (P2) by Vastly_
Lord of the Mysteries (P2)by Vastly_
With the rising tide of steam power and machinery, who can come close to being a Beyonder? Shrouded in the fog of history and darkness, who or what is the lurking evil t...
I am the real VILLAIN {Who made me a princess} by berrychiiia
I am the real VILLAIN {Who made AruditeEnigma
Jee-hu a teenager who hates lovely princess Jennette dearly. She hated her to the guts, and was disappointed that the author made her the main character. One day she die...
Perverted Princess  ~  A Wmmap Fanfic by SaraTatiana5
Perverted Princess ~ A Wmmap Sam
Katrina, a 12 year wattpad writer, is transmigrated into the book of 'Who Made Me A Princess' as an orphan. What happens when the writer who writes erotica is suddenly a...
Yellow [a WMMAP fanfic] by LonelierEmperor
Yellow [a WMMAP fanfic]by dainsleif
"She was in a yellow dress. When I saw her mellow face. . . Then I realised my favorite colour." - Mukmay Aashique
Who Made Her A Prince? by LonelierEmperor
Who Made Her A Prince?by dainsleif
male Jennette formerly: Zenetien p.s. thank you, @jennettemargaritalove, for giving me this idea
Reaction of Who Made Me A Princess by tejashreekrishnan2
Reaction of Who Made Me A Princessby Manhwa Queen
Characters from the famous webcomic ' Who Made Me Princess' will react to their precious princess, Athanasia de Alger Obelia.
Destiny: Who made us wear the crown by MiaParkYeol
Destiny: Who made us wear the crownby MiaParkYeol
Maybe destiny felt pity from them, which it will give them another chance. Everyone should have at least a second chance, what are the chances to be reincarnated in som...
-in love & broken hearted-: wissal et khaled(قصة بالدارجة المغربية.) by d-wisl
-in love & broken hearted-:
19/11/2020 rencontre. 22/03/2021 AMOUREUX JE T'ATTENDS POUR TOUJOURS. slm lbnaat lmhm hadi 9issa dwzt mnha chi w chi 7aja mn 3ndi ntmenna t3jebkum.
Hut Me And Get Her by alnger18N
Hut Me And Get Herby Rafillah Fairuz Farhanah
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