My Kidnapper by k_beal23
My Kidnapper by k_beal23
AHHH! NO! I shouted into Noah's ear as he laid on me biting into my neck. I tried to push him off it being no good, him being a werewolf. Alpha of the Shadow Howlers as...
  • beautiful
  • bound
  • werewolf
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Bound: Toxic Love (Book 2) by aprilstone90
Bound: Toxic Love (Book 2) by April Stone
"Shh... Just a little bit more," I told her, unable to separate my lips from hers. A smile appeared on her lips as she straightened taller on her tip toes. It...
  • werewolf
  • pain
  • bound
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Bound (Harry Styles FanFic) by SumNawaz
Bound (Harry Styles FanFic) by سمر ناواز
Her mother's dying wish was for her to be happily married, even though she was only 19 years old. And now, Kelsey Ross has to do just that. Little did she know that the...
  • bound
  • styles
  • kelsey
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Bound: Toxic Bite (Book 1) by aprilstone90
Bound: Toxic Bite (Book 1) by April Stone
"You're mine." I said, only inches away from her beautiful face. Her eyes. Her lips. I could not resist. "There's only you... Only you." My thumb car...
  • lustful
  • pleasure
  • bloodlust
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Faulty Code ⊗ Loki by Sierra_Laufeyson
Faulty Code ⊗ Loki by S. R.
"The truth is, every monster you have met or will ever meet, was once a human being with a soul that was as soft as light and silk. Someone stole that silk from the...
  • sister
  • loki
  • telepath
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Double Take [Sequel to Bound] by SumNawaz
Double Take [Sequel to Bound] by سمر ناواز
"Love is like drinking beer. Once you get too much of it, you start acting stupid." -Klara Styles. "Love is the only thing in this world that covers up al...
  • kate
  • harry
  • olsen
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Right Where She Belongs by JoJo_Classic
Right Where She Belongs by Jordyn
"Oh god," I made little gasping sounds, unable to stop my eyes from rereading the note again and again."This can't be happening." Love conquers all...
  • friendship
  • run
  • secrecy
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Bonded By Blood by CrazyAnimeLife1
Bonded By Blood by CrazyAnimeLife1
Naruto and Gaara are close friends. And gaara wants to try something he once heard about. Blood Binding. Supposedly is deepens any bond. But there was a bit of a catch...
  • yaoi
  • bound
  • love
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How to Train Your Demon | Original by kmbell92
How to Train Your Demon | Original by K.M. Bell
"Rev, we need to call someone!" "I don't know who the fuck to call: The Vatican or the Super Nanny!" "Both!" The local folklore always warn...
  • humour
  • demons
  • action
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Blood Bound by Taytay91
Blood Bound by Tay
Maya, a dark sorceress, decides to kidnap a certain Cardinal Alpha from his hotel suite after discovering an ancient scroll in her search for ultimate power. What Maya d...
  • bond
  • possessive
  • trap
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Tethered by S_RSpence
Tethered by S_RSpence
Cover by @paigevigneault3 Gilryn Locklore is a highborn lady of the Elven court. An unfathomable beauty that spends her days roaming through the dark and dangerous Everf...
  • goodvsevil
  • halfling
  • bond
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Bound by tigermack
Bound by tigermack
Sky is a werewolf. Except she doesn't know how things work in the werewolf world, but that doesn't stop her from being fiesty and independent. Asher is the the Alpha o...
  • alpha
  • werewolf
  • love
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Forced by Beautyful-Horrorshow
Forced by Hope Hewitt
In high school, Kate was popular and had everything. But after she graduated, her life falls apart. Kidnapped by someone she only knows as a stranger, and is forced to l...
  • forced
  • sextraffic
  • love
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Bound By Blood - Draco Malfoy by Nightingale1912
Bound By Blood - Draco Malfoy by Nightingale1912
Draco knew when he met Brielle Everett, what the Dark Lord wanted. For them to be bound by blood. "No I wont! I'm not going to be bound to her!" Draco told hi...
  • bound
  • dark
  • harry
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Bound To Isabella by AngieWrght
Bound To Isabella by Angela Wright
#33 IN VAMPIRE!! 11/06/17 #47 in vampire!!! 10/13/17!!! #61 in Vampire 10/2/17! Isabella is a broken young woman, living in a small town where nothing happens. After a l...
  • bond
  • vampire
  • marked
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Bound to Love (An Arranged Marriage Love story) by jvsklz
Bound to Love (An Arranged Marriag... by jas
I WROTE THIS WHEN I WAS LIKE 12... SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK || Bound to one, will these two lovers learn to love one another? Will they learn that it's okay to make mist...
  • marriage
  • indian
  • one
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Bound To You || Heartbound X Reader Oneshots || A HeartBound Fanfiction by OC_Trash
Bound To You || Heartbound X Reade... by Grammar Nazi <3
A collection of oneshots with you and Heartbound characters (but mostly Lore). Hope you enjoy it! • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Heartbound and all the characters in thi...
  • lorexreader
  • videogame
  • games
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Bound To You by Violinepineapple
Bound To You by Pineapple
He gave me a new home; a new bed, food, a roof above my head, but most importantly, he gave me my hope and feature back. In short terms, he had managed to give me my lif...
  • death
  • love
  • life
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Blood-Bound by MinaParkes
Blood-Bound by Mina
"Please, show me this kindness. Let me go." // "Mhera, let this be the only time you ask this of me and the only time I must tell you no." Lady Mher...
  • majestic
  • prince
  • vow
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Gleina na Agar: LOTR story (Reader) by Aranel-en-aino
Gleina na Agar: LOTR story (Reader) by Aranel-en-aino
You are sucked into the Realm of Middle Earth accidentally, and are bound to the ring! If you don't find a way to unbind yourself from it, you will perish within the fir...
  • agar
  • lordoftherings
  • reader
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