snapchat 👻 joshler by fallingfarther
snapchat 👻 joshler by ada ★ Fanfiction
tyler's favorite youtuber puts his snapchat out publicly in a video one day. he promises to add five random people who add him first out of the five million subscribers...
Halsey/You Imagines by loopyluce9735
Halsey/You Imagines by Loopy Fanfiction
This is my first set of imagines so sorry if they suck. The title says everything so feel free to read. ⚠️❌CONTAINS SELF HARM AND EXPLICIT LANGUAGE❌⚠️
Twitter ~ Halsey  by mirrorspvris
Twitter ~ Halsey by mirrorspvris Fanfiction
@Halsey is now following you.
hotel room (halsey) by writingrauhl
hotel room (halsey) by writingrauhl Fanfiction
you never know what can happen when two girls are given the same hotel room.
catfish // halsanie by frangipane-
catfish // halsanie by ashley frangipane Fanfiction
twitter, 11:55 pm. new dm from: "MelanieLBBH" "hey i just used your photo to get myself a suga...
Halsey one shots by iamhalscy
Halsey one shots by —kat♡ Fanfiction
a bunch of halsey one-shots that i write when i'm uninspired and lazy to work on any of my other stories🙈💫
instagram - halsey by mirrorspvris
LA// Halsey--Ruby Rose by letseatcheese
LA// Halsey--Ruby Rose by iamhalsey Random
LA is a big city. Luckily, Ashley didn't have to go far...
is there somewhere by iamhalscy
is there somewhere by —kat♡ Fanfiction
a story in which ashley frangipane and her friends make a group chat {multifandom} {lower case intended}
devastate me : halsey x reader by lifelessalex
devastate me : halsey x reader by ☆ [ カイロス ] ☆ Fanfiction
"oh my god! what did he do to you?" "i'm going to call an ambulance!" "oh no, don't pass out! don't die on me, damn it!" --- i've never wri...
coffee ; frangipane by kevinabstracts
coffee ; frangipane by romeo Fanfiction
"Do you like me?" "No." "Oh," her smile faded. "I fucking love you."
strangers (halsey) | #Wattys2017 by iamhalscy
strangers (halsey) | #Wattys2017 by —kat♡ Fanfiction
You unfolded the piece of paper and typed the number carefully in your phone. And then you sat and patiently waited for the reply... Ding One new message from unknown nu...
Colours • h a l s e y by vvlrvx
Colours • h a l s e y by EUNICE Fanfiction
"you liked me because i was blue;" in which a rebellious girl with red hair meets an innocent girl with blue hair
ᴘᴀʀᴛʏ ғᴀᴠᴏʀ ϟ ᴊᴏsʜʟᴇʀ by estheticjosh
ᴘᴀʀᴛʏ ғᴀᴠᴏʀ ϟ ᴊᴏsʜʟᴇʀ by abby™ Fanfiction
"it's not you it's me and all that other bullshit,"
SCISSORHANDS || J.D + T.J by -`everybody´- Fanfiction
"please," joshua begged, those warm chocolate eyes staring into tyler's with such need. "touch me." "i can't."
BABYGIRL | halsey by cxitlin18
BABYGIRL | halsey by caitlin Fanfiction
"we looked at each other a little too long to be just friends."
The Halsey Bible by SailorHalsey
The Halsey Bible by ali Random
Just little things Halsey would do or what Halsey is idk.. If you can think of one message me and I'll give you credit :) *ONE PAGE A DAY* ~got this idea from "The...
home (halsey) by writingrauhl
home (halsey) by writingrauhl Fanfiction
the hotel rooms were temporary, but they're home now. {SEQUEL TO HOTEL ROOM}
Halsey Zodiacs by AmaxingHalsey
Halsey Zodiacs by AmaxingHalsey Random
First Halsey Zodiac book; Highest rankings: #1 Under Halsey; #5 under zodiacs; Zodiacs of the Queen Halsey, all of these are made by myself unless stated otherwise
Halsey facts by cliffxrdcxbain
Halsey facts by abi Random
Facts about Ashley frangipane (aka halsey/ultimate babe) One of the first Halsey books on wattpad !! *sorry if any facts are repeated*