Tethered Hearts by sumeyaalington
Tethered Hearts by s u m e y a Romance
❝Why do you have a tongue piercing?❞ I asked, observing the other piercings he had and the designs inked on his skin. I'd never seen so much work done on one person befo...
bueller • male faceclaims by ohmyhaylee
bueller • male faceclaims by ❝ River Phoenix ❞ Random
"Be funny whenever possible, even if some people don't get it" - Rob Lowe [faceclaims] [male] [completed] [cover - @wiccalife] Ranking ATM: #720 in random For...
80s/90s Preferences & Imagines by timidlila
80s/90s Preferences & Imagines by lila Fanfiction
In which I write preferences and imagines for the eighties and nineties.
90sMen 🌹 by xxmarieeee
1979 → 80s Imagines by motelshrimp
1979 → 80s Imagines by meagan 🌙 Fanfiction
ayye 80s imagines [Imagines are open]
SHAPE OF YOU. ( VERONICA LODGE ) ( EDITING ) by latinafranco
SHAPE OF YOU. ( ❝and now my bed sheets smell like you!❞ ) ( female oc x veronica lodge ) ( riverdale season one ) ( 2017 / latinafranco© )
80's and 90's Imagines  by kiefxr
80's and 90's Imagines by Rider☁ Fanfiction
80's/90's imagines with a few other decades and characters thrown in :)
SCENARIO.   (   nineties face claims.   ) by blackninetiescom
Complete Utter Trash by timidlila
Complete Utter Trash by lila Random
a rant book about 80s and Broadway musicals
MEMORY LANE.   (   nineties unpopular opinions.   ) by blackninetiescom
MEMORY LANE. ( nineties unpopu... by ( we matter . ) Random
' music too hard mouth too nasty clothes too tight ass to sassy '
When You Get Back by Thugnificent632
When You Get Back by Stinkmeaner Romance
star-crossed lovers definition Lovers whose relationship is doomed to fail are said to be "star-crossed" (frustrated by the stars). New cover by @jcdeci Go fo...
Forever Young → 80s & 90s gif series  by SelenaQuintanillas
Forever Young → 80s & 90s gif seri... by ❝Gabby❞ Fanfiction
❝forever young, I want to be forever young❞
unhurriedly ~ chandler bing by mgchasmyheart
unhurriedly ~ chandler bing by :) Fanfiction
"she's an italian, dude, how can i not fall in love with her?" cassidy valentini (oc) x chandler bing | CHARACTERS FROM FRIENDS BELONG TO BRIGHT, KAUFFMAN AN...
Butterfly ≫ Eric Matthews [#WATTYS2017] by williamsherondales
Butterfly ≫ Eric Matthews [#WATTYS... by RHS Fanfiction
❝One day you'll be free, and when that day comes you'll fly so high that no one will be able to catch you. No one will be able to tame you and your free spirit.❞ [Boy Me...
The UnSlut Project by emilylindin
The UnSlut Project by Emily Lindin Non-Fiction
I was the 6th-grade "slut." And I kept a diary. So I decided to create The UnSlut Project in the hopes that my own diary entries could provide some perspectiv...
poetic justice; jordan clarkson [coming winter 2017] by -whitleygilbert
poetic justice; jordan clarkson [c... by —ni ❀ Fanfiction
❝if i told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room would you trust it?❞ expect the unexpected; this won't be a replica of the movie in book form.
SOUL FOOD.   (   black nineties gif series.   ) by blackninetiescom
SOUL FOOD. ( black nineties gi... by ( we matter . ) Fanfiction
' until god has replaced me i'm still here '
BLACK IMAGINES by storiesbynaya
BLACK IMAGINES by Naya, the creator. Fanfiction
Work #1 // Cover made by wavvyrae [DISCONTINUED, maybe] ❝They rip off our culture then ignore our struggle. ❞ I have so many ideas almost every single day and I don't...
daddy ✕ noel gallagher by grunge_ahs
daddy ✕ noel gallagher by em Fanfiction
"daddy?" ⇝ noel gallagher
80s & 90s confessions by ju1iemai
80s & 90s confessions by ♡ Random
{ PM ME YOUR CONFESSIONS } { None of these confessions are mine } Your online confession booth for the 80s and 90s! ♡