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Book 2 of the Holiday series..

Cali clause (Santa's daughter) stole some of Cupids magic dust in CHRISTMAS MAGIC (Book 1).

Cupid found out and was mad. So he kissed her in order to get it back.

but did the kiss mean more to them??

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CoffeeCommunity CoffeeCommunity Feb 11, 2016
Looks good to me Elena! Magic dust ... no wonder things out of the blue happen and I'm sure Cali likes him too, who can't resist Cupid? That is if he's like a Casanova!
CoffeeCommunity CoffeeCommunity Feb 11, 2016
Sorry Elena for not reading the first book, I'll probably add it when Christmas of this year occurs! *winks* And cool Flo Rida song!
XXXreaderNwriterXXX XXXreaderNwriterXXX Jan 11, 2013
I loved the first book and know I will love this one as well:) you are a great writer.
XCreativeBabeX XCreativeBabeX Jul 09, 2012
I totally agree with her about valentine's day. i just don't see the point in it (wether i'm single or not)
Nika_Yaya Nika_Yaya Feb 14, 2012
I like that part, "you should tell them you love them every morning" <3
pie2711 pie2711 Feb 14, 2012
Yes i read that one & looking forward to read this too;-)
                              Happy Valentine's Day <3