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Our Little Boy

Our Little Boy

187K Reads 5.7K Votes 23 Part Story
izziee By izziee Completed

Hunter Tazer and Rain Meadows were that couple in high school that made people stop and think "Damn, are they still together?!" For the two years that they'd been dating, everything was going fine until Rain discovered she was expecting a child. Scared of what Hunter will think, she lies to him about her mother getting a new job so she has to move away to Chicago, just so she doesn't have to tell him about the baby. Instead, she moves across town. With just the help of Dania, Hunter's older sister, Rain manages to raise her son, JJ. But she realizes that he's somewhat different from every other kid. Firstly, he arrived two months early and was perfectly fine. Secondly he has non-stop energy and thirdly he developed his canine teeth before his first ones.
Could Rain eventually find out what's wrong with her little boy on her own? Or will she need to confront Hunter after four years of absence?

territurner29 territurner29 May 21, 2016
Its takes two to make a baby.she had a mouth could just say no.woman up n told him she was having his baby.blaming the wrong person.
sectumsempra28 sectumsempra28 Jul 30, 2016
When her water broke and they said gross i died 😂😂😂😂😂
AryaunnaWeiner AryaunnaWeiner Dec 28, 2016
yanberry yanberry Jun 22, 2016
She's as stupid as her reason for leaving. She's worried about losinh him so she....leaves him? Girl is crazy
smashthat smashthat Oct 14, 2016
You know my nephews first tooth that came in were his too canines. Lol. It was funny to us.
JheneAngelique JheneAngelique Mar 23, 2016
Ay its your fault you didn't have to say yes to having sex but knowing you, you were probably all for it 
                              Also you left because you were two much a coward so its actually all your fault