Pregnant with my teachers twins!

Pregnant with my teachers twins!

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ok to start off let me tell you about myself. My name is Scarlet. I have long red-brown hair and two differnt color eyes. Cool , right? Nope. I always get bullied because im differnt. im around 5'6'' 16 years old. Your probaly are wondering "what aout your last name. " I don't have one i, my grandma named me Scarlet, not beacuse of the beautiful color more because i was born in a blood bath. My mom died giving birth to me and my dad well he hated me and tried to kill me as soon as he heard the news but ended up shooting himself in the head. awsome. Did i forget to mention about my hot english teacher? I always get tingles when im around him, they fell like little sparks running through my body.He's 6'2'' and he has a body of a god. but i feel like everyone is hiding someting from me and so him like WTF. He also has a weird nickname some of the people here call him ''Alpha"' weird right?

Scarlet is just a girl who's pretty much lost in life. She dosen't have any family members her grandma died 2 years ago as soon as she entered high-school so she's stuck defending for herself.  She does have one friend though her name is Cassidy.

Mr.Cains also known as Jared is the Apha of the strongest pack known for the past 100th centuries, and just found out who his mate is and thats Scarlet. 

They ended up getting together at a party together that Cassidy forced Scarlet to go to and guess what happens Scarlet gets pregnant with twins.

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brezzzzzzzz brezzzzzzzz Jun 07, 2017
There's nothing wrong with having two different colors as eyes I wish I did
Outlaw_Tattoo Outlaw_Tattoo Mar 14, 2016
My imagination did just fine...
                              I *soooooo* don't have a major nosebleed...
VampBae16 VampBae16 Nov 16, 2016
awww, can you make a book from it then cause I have no imagination at all😅✌
Zalyee Zalyee Aug 10, 2016
When she said she didn't had a last name I thought of erza from fairy tail