The Strange Kind Of Perfect

The Strange Kind Of Perfect

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Mykaylynn Huddleston By Mykaylynn Completed


Kristen Mays never thought her life could change as fast as the speed of coffee going down her bra. Unfortunately for her, it did. She thought everything was going great only come to find out her boyfriend of forever has been cheating on her with her best friend.

Then Lucas Granger shows up. Charming, handsome, and let's not forget British (swoon). He's looking for friends, and fortunately for him, he meets Kristen.


Rankings: #2 in Teen Fiction

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Wth dude if your going to something like this do it somewhere more private. Where coworkers, boss, and customers aren't around. Because if she's going cry or get mad than your really douchey to do thus in public setting. Where people will either judge or feel pity for her and neither are really cool
AHAHAHA youre funny does someone have a knife that I can borrow? I just need to accidentally poke someone with it.
sc4rlett_ sc4rlett_ Jun 29
Oh boy if I were her I will make sure he can't have little Adams running around in the future
Stacey_p Stacey_p Jul 26
Her mum is literally all the readers in the comment section from when it happened
XxARandomPersonxX XxARandomPersonxX Jun 14, 2016
When I say I'm insicure about something, it means I'm actually insicure about it. 
                              I don't like attention. I absolutely hate it. So I don't do that.
jaxx25 jaxx25 Jul 12, 2016
Tears stream down your face when you lose something you cannot replace. Sorry I had to, reminded me of Fix You by Coldplay