Under the Gray Willow Tree [Watty Awards 2012 Round 2] (Editing)

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Angelyn By angelyntjf Completed
Meet Willow Rayne, the girl who lost her family on that one fateful day.
    And now, meet Gray Lopez, the guy with a few dark secrets of his own.
    Willow has experienced more than she should have. All her life, she thought that she had just been cursed with bad luck, and when their two worlds collide, she meets someone who helps her to rebuild her life bit by bit: Gray. She thinks that everything is just as it's supposed to be, and that Gray is making her life better. But slowly, she begins to realise that everything is not what it seems.
This book is really powerful and emotional x How to I get more people to read my new book "A Fresh Start" because its quite hard
Hey. Remember me? I'm back! Just read the prologue and so far it is DEAD-LY! :D
the story's title is really nice :) for preview its quite good the way you did the description and u have inserted her feeling in it that very good :) i like it! keep on writing!
I love the name willow, so far The story seems to perk my interest
i wont read this now but later. imperfect dreamer advertised this on her book so i know that this HAS to be a GOOD book!
It was a great start. I like the fact that its a quote by the character. I like the title and cover. At the moment i am too sleepy to carry on reading, but will definitely read more of this.