Hello there! For formalities sake, hi, I'm Angelyn, but you can call me Angie. I'm 17 and I am from this country called Malaysia. 

A few things you need to know about me. I am a child of God and I love Him so much. And I really thank Him for everything that He has blessed me with. I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for Him.

Another thing is that I am absolutely in love with music and with books. Yes, I am a person who's ideal Friday night is staying in my room, reading and listening to music. I'm a huge fan of 5 Seconds of Summer, Will Jay, All Time Low, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. They're my role models, both as musicians and as people.

Also, if you need to know, I don't have a favourite book, but I really enjoy reading Veronica Roth, Kiera Cass and John Green's works. Also, Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

Before I leave you to read my works in peace, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to everyone who has read and commented on my novels :)

Lots of love and pwaas,

(Drop me a message if you got the reference fellow alpacas :D)

PS @janefoxx has a super awesome series. Go check it out! http://www.wattpad.com/story/897644-the-nation-charmer-book-1
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Description: Meet Willow Rayne, the girl who lost her family on that one fateful day. And now, meet Gray Lopez, the guy with a few dark secrets of his own. Willow has experienced more than she should have. All her life, she thought that she had just been curse...


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Two experiments. Experiments 426 and 782. Two individuals. A boy and a girl. One goal. Freedom. In the...

Hey guys! Just a quick update so you guys know that I am still, in fact, alive and well and am not dead and am working on my next project. Sorry for being kinda inactive. I realised that I needed a break from writing novels for a while because it was getting kind of dry for me. Anyway, I'm back and I am currently writing my third novel. I am also joining Camp NaNoWriMo for it so I can actually get something done. So, expect it to be up around end of April :)
      For now, I will tell you guys the title of my new novel. The title is....
      I hope you will stay tuned for that. I'm kinda excited for it because I am finally going to post a slice of life novel and those are my favourite kinds of books to write and second favourite to read (my fav is dystopian fiction heheh). 
      While you're waiting, you can either check out my other two novels if you haven't already or check out my YouTube channel! I try to post a cover ever week but that has been failing as I keep falling sick with either a sore throat or cough. I'll be posting an original song soon so keep on the lookout for that.
      I wish you all a great day :D or afternoon or night, depending on where you're at :)
      My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFPDPa5LdgBmAcO5jTdkUhQ