Burning Heat (mpreg)

Burning Heat (mpreg)

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BoyXboy mpreg story
(MATURE content begins almost immediately (kinda))
But when a rough sexy gravelly (insert sexy adjectives) voices roughly whispered 
"If you do not want me to take you roughly in front of all of these people I suggest stopping right now. I am barely holding back baby."

Hunter Bradley was the weird little gay werewolf at his school in the eyes of others 

But when the alphas son gets back into town and claims Hunter as his own he isn't just some insignificant character in the pack anymore

Mature Content duh!


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bryluenlush bryluenlush Mar 15
LOL. This very statements cracks me up. Lots of reading or lots of pörn. I just bet your “research” was very interesting.
You looked up how this gay shït works..? I feel sorry for your search history! XD
I literally just sat here for five minutes trying to remember what I was going to say, but it never came 😭😂
- - Jul 20
i like you XD it's like up to now it has been quite a challenge huh XD
Lmao ik u have no shame right now but u might wanna try and have some, since if he stops takes u there u'll never live it down