♡ Ancient Love ♡ Pharaoh Atem x Reader

♡ Ancient Love ♡ Pharaoh Atem x Reader

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Long ago, when the pyramids were still young, Egyptian kings played a game of great and terrible power. But these Shadow Games erupted into a war that threatened to destroy the entire world until a brave and powerful pharaoh locked the magic away, imprisoning it within the mystical Millennium Items. Now, 5000 years later, a boy named Yugi unlocks the secret of the Millennium Puzzle. He is infused with ancient magical energies, for destiny has chosen him to defend the world from the return of the Shadow Games just as the brave pharaoh did 5000 years ago."

It is said that if all seven Millennium Items are brought together, along with the three God Cards, the magic will once again be released and the Pharaoh's memories will be restored...

In Ancient Egypt, when the priest Akunadin created the seven Millennium Items, the ritual also created a being of pure evil. This being's name was Zork Necrophidius and he dwelt inside of the Millennium Ring. Zork Necrophidius used Thief Bakura and controlled Akunadin's mind in an attempt to destroy the world. But Pharaoh Atem sealed Zork back inside the Millennium Ring.
In the 1960s, Solomon Moto retrieved the Millennium Pendant, now called the Millennium Puzzle in the Tomb of the Nameless Pharaoh. Over the years, no one had been able to assemble the puzzle. Solomon's grandson, Yugi, found the puzzle in the family game shop and spent eight years trying to solve it. When he solved it, his adventure began.

what no one knew was that the 'Nameless Pharaoh'  had a queen he loved. the Queen was in the future along with her love. she only had a few memories just like Bakura, and Atem but knew way more then them. Only knowing what her goal was. will she find the Pharaoh will she be able to help him? 

will people be after her millennium item....the Millennium Heart...?


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