The Water Phoenix { akatsuki no yona} Shin-ha X OC

The Water Phoenix { akatsuki no yona} Shin-ha X OC

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celestia2605 By celestia2605 Updated Jul 19, 2017

Phoenix  is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Alexa is a reincarnation of a former water Phoenix after 1.976 years. when the villagers know that she is the reincarnation of the water Phoenix she was chased by the villagers in a early age.

but then she stumbled upon a village that accept her as she is and take her as the general grandchild

little does she know that the village she stumbled upon is the wind tribe village

Credit to: izuchii/Azkianamr
For the amazing cover

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Depressed_And_Lost Depressed_And_Lost Dec 24, 2017
Katazfud Katazfud Jun 19, 2017
Da actual bae is ao the little hawtie sqirell that I love but shin ha is hawt aswell
Anything? Even stupidity? What about denseness? (Is that even a word lol)
Sydkitter Sydkitter Dec 23, 2017
Wait a sec.
                              I have the male version of that costume
Dragon90001 Dragon90001 Mar 19
Shin ah definite he's literally the same as me except I don't go round wearing masking or a mane
.........hold on........*looks in closet*......that was my Halloween costume last year......