To Kill the Wolf

To Kill the Wolf

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Reese Kelly By Reese_Kelly Updated Mar 05, 2017

Rosen is one of the top wolves in the world. She is the Alpha of Black Moon pack, the leader of all wolves, and the most terrifying packs in the world. She lives by her rules, kills who she wants and she takes nothing from no one. She is frightening and most avoid her as much as possible, but many want her head.

	Samir is ordered to take Rosen's life, she has lived too long, broken too many rules, and she needs to be eliminated. However, it is not easy to kill the werewolf, even though he is a reaper. Not only is she possibly stronger than the Reaper, Samir also finds the wolf attractive, in a terrifying way.

	Will Rosen beat death, or will she fall in love with death?

  • alpha
  • death
  • dream
  • fight
  • mate
  • necromancer
  • reaper
  • rejection
  • ruthless
  • strong
MarilynMejia5 MarilynMejia5 Oct 18, 2017
I've read so many books where the guy was the big bad wolf that reading 'She' makes me want to correct it to 'He' Lol
Derp-Chan Derp-Chan Nov 22, 2017
Wait wait wait, what's a Gamma? I don't read werewolf books alot... ;-;
danixwriter danixwriter Mar 25, 2016
So if the dog is half werewolf and half German Shepard that would mean its parents would've been a werewolf and a German Shepard meaning a human had intercourse  with a dog....that's disgusting
FlappyDoge FlappyDoge Aug 22, 2014
Holy shıt! I can tell this book is gonna be amazing.Like I never heard of these sort of plots before,you my friend are special.
HopeWinters_ HopeWinters_ Apr 05, 2014
Whoa this book sounds unique and amazing! A reaper and a werewolf!!? Can I just sit back and have a cup of coffee while I read this amazing book?
                              Can't wait to get into it :)
Lipstickjungle Lipstickjungle Nov 14, 2013
She's so robotic and Dictator like...hmm I'm interested though. Lets see how she progresses throughout the story.