Rules of a Rebel

Rules of a Rebel

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OutsideMyWindow By OutsideMyWindow Updated Feb 10

"If there's a Rulebook to Rebelling, I'm pretty sure I memorized it."

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Ever since the horrible incident three years ago, Peyton Monroe's given up on trying to fit in. In fact, she's even made a whole set of rules ensured to do exactly the opposite. 

Rule #6: Dress Code (dark leather, black eyeliner?): Check.

Rule #17: Attitude (cold and sarcastic?) - Check.

Rule #3: Isolation (No friends of any kind?)  - Check. 

Well, almost.

Popular and handsome, Archer Raine is everything Peyton's designed to hate. Even worse, he's got his eye set on breaking every one of her rules (especially number three).

WordsOnFire WordsOnFire Feb 24, 2016
It'd be cool af if she turned into like cat woman or something for saving the cat's life and risking her own
ivegotamigraine1 ivegotamigraine1 Feb 17, 2016
I'm on my computer and I'm trying to change my reading settings so that the screen is black and the writing is smaller like on my phone but i don't know how, HELP MEHHHHHHH
VanillaVanity VanillaVanity Feb 15, 2016
She almost got hit by a car & her mom doesn't even mention it. A+ parenting right there. Go Mom!
channelpink20 channelpink20 Jan 09, 2016
I don't shake people's hands because I don't know where they've been
channelpink20 channelpink20 Jan 09, 2016
So you're telling me your taller than him because if you she is I'm going to do a happy dance.
OutsideMyWindow OutsideMyWindow Apr 06, 2015
@reen-zette Haha, that's alright. And thank you so much! :D I'll try not to disappoint.