Rules of a Rebel

Rules of a Rebel

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Audrey Parker By OutsideMyWindow Updated Aug 04

"If there's a Rulebook to Rebelling, I'm pretty sure I memorized it."

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Ever since the horrible incident three years ago, Peyton Monroe's given up on trying to fit in. In fact, she's even made a whole set of rules ensured to do exactly the opposite. 

Rule #6: Dress Code (dark leather, black eyeliner?): Check.

Rule #17: Attitude (cold and sarcastic?) - Check.

Rule #3: Isolation (No friends of any kind?)  - Check. 

Well, almost.

Popular and handsome, Archer Raine is everything Peyton's designed to hate. Even worse, he's got his eye set on breaking every one of her rules (especially number three).

somewhere far where no one knew who i was and no one would find , somewhere silent , somewhere with a library , somewhere with internet , somewhere with  some type of music producer ... My paradise i guess
I thought the point of rebelling was supposed to go against all rules?
                              But okay xD
Not true once me and my dad were car sitting and it was a bad cat. It scratched my dad so bad on his finger he had to get stitchs and still has a scar
pinky111991 pinky111991 Jun 17
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i know this probably isn't supposed to be funny, but is anyone else cracking up?
pinky111991 pinky111991 Jun 17
guessing on the chapter before.......
                              exboyfriend and best friend.
                              but then again, i'm typically wrong when i make speculations. ohhhhhh well.
pinky111991 pinky111991 Jun 17
anyone else think that when something says rolling your eyes they think of someone rolling eyes instead of dice? no?