she was untouchable.

she was untouchable.

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S H A N I By shani_leigh Updated Jun 04

Eloise suffers from Haphephobia, the fear of being touched. 

Her mother, Katherine suffers from OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder. 

Eloise's condition, it was a genetic trait that she got from her father. All throughout her life she disliked the sense of touch. It wasn't until her father died did her fear of it arise. 

Her mother decided that a move was needed. So after much dismay from Eloise, they moved across the state. Right next to Zeke, his twin sisters Alira and Alaina and their mother Beth. 

Zeke didn't care about much, just his few friends and annoying family, that was until he accidentally touched the girl next door. 

In that moment, Alira, his sister started praying, the other, Alaina, making ambulance sounds, his mother rushing the girl to the bathroom and her mother trying to comfort, he decided he wanted to care about more. 

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