Teen Wolf Preferences

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tachaaaaaaaaaaa By tachaaaaaaaaaaa Updated 9 months ago
This is a Teen Wolf Preference of basically everyone on the show. I've made a new Teen Wolf Preferences book,a Sequel if you will,where i'll be continue my writing.The Sequel was made in honor of the death of one one my most beloved characters,the noble hero Allison Argent.
    Everything you will see in here is written by me.
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I miss Allison I hope they bring her back like they brung everyone back. I cried so hard when she died
Everyone's talking about Allison, but I'm just thinking about Scott being called the hottest girl.
@Number1TeenWolfFan  yeah like she wasn't my favorite character ( I think I diliked her cause she dated Scott and I was jealous) but still I liked her but my all time favorite female character is malia
Me like they can bring witches or something on the show or maybe deaton can bring her back because he did it once before
I saw a thing on utube and it was from clevvertv and they did An interview with the cast and if Alison wasn't coming back they would have said no but they said "they weren't supposed 2 answer that".................any1 else think she's coming back?