How'd you two met


You were walking through comic book store looking for new edition of Batman and when you finally land you is on it someone snatched it right in front of your eyes,when you looked up to see who it was you found a boy about your age with a buzz cut hair and honey eyes''Hey i saw it first''he looked at you with shocked expression and said''You read comic books?''he was confused that a pretty girl like you would even consider reading something like that but you replaced his shock with him being sexist''Why because I'm a girl?''you hissed''No because your beautiful''the minute those words left his mouth his eyes widened and his cheeks flushed.You found it you found it beyond adorable.Then he began mumbling something you couldn't  frankly understand so you decided to cut him''I'm (Y/N)''you extended your hand,''St-Stiles''he stuttered.''Well Stiles that was the last comic book left in the store how about you give me you number so you could tell me what happened in the comic.''you proposed.''Sur-rre''if he was red before he is a tomato now.He gave you his number and you both left separate ways.


You were walking through the woods cooling your head after witnessing one out of many fights your parents have.You weren't watching where you are going and in result of that was you fallin over a branch and hurting  your ankle.You tried to get up couple of times but failed miserably,then all of a sudden some tall boy with piercing blue eyes and curly hair came and helped you out.''Are you all right?''he asked concerned''My hurts''you answered in pain.''Let me take you to hospital.''with a nod of you head he carried you bridal style like you weight nothing.After about a half a hour at hospital you were finally released.What surprised you the most is that the boy from the was still here,the minute he saw you his jumped out of car that he was currently sitting on';How are you?''he asked''I'm fine thanks to you i really don't know how to repay you''you replied''How bout you give me your number?''he blurted out and blushed.Mg he's shy that's so cute you thought.''Sure''you said''I'm Isaac''he introduced and gave you his phone.You typed your number and gave him his phone back''(Y/N)''you winked him and left.


You just came from grocery shopping.You parked your car outside your building,took your bags and began making your way towards the entrance but strong wind blew making you step back a drop one bag.When you went to pick it up you dropped the rest of the bags from your hands.''You have got to be kidding me''you thought out loud and picked them up.You were 5 meters away from the entrance when something knocks you to the ground.You looked up to see ho it was and saw a man with spiked up black hair and greenish eyes.You were about to say something that would probably get in trouble but stops when he said''I'm so sorry i wasn't looking''when he helped you get up''It's fine''he helped you pick things up,your said your goodbyes and before you could even turn he pick something from the ground and said with a smirk''You missed this''you looked closely and saw condoms.Why you thought out of all things it had to be condoms.''Thank''you said awkwardly,to say that you were embarrassed would be an understatement.You wanted to disappear''No problem,I'm Derek''he said.''(Y/N)''you did the awkward hand wave.You turned around and began walking towards the building but he stopped you again by saying''You look cute when you blush''not wanting him to see your blood redid cheeks you continued walking toward the entrance.


Three weeks ago you moved to Beacon Hills and it was your first time to go out alone.You were listening to Kid 88 'My house' while driving.Then suddenly something an in front of your car,you hit the brakes but it was too close so you hit it.You ran out of your car to see what did you hit and saw a beautiful white husky with piercing blue eyes.Poor thing you thought this is all my fault.You put the dog in the trunk and went to Beacon Hills Animal Clinic.When you finally got there i got out of the car and began knocking on the door like a crazy person.Some cute boy that looked around your age opened the door.''May i help you?''he kindly asked.You begin hysterical crying''I hit you came outta nowhere..I..I..Its in the trunk''he stopped mumbling with a hug.You cried in his shoulder and said''Please can you help it''he looked at you a bit confused and sad''Help who?''you grabbed him by the hand and took him to your car opened the trunk and reviled a beautiful husky.He took him inside and took care of him.After he finished you were a lot calmer so you decided it was time to thank him''Thank you so much and sorry about the mental break down from earlier''your eyes were on the ground too embarrassed to even look at was nothing and you were a lot tougher than i would have been if i were in the same situation''you raised your head from the ground and looked at him''Really?''you asked''Yeah i would have cry who knows maybe even scream and not like a man.But like the biggest girl ever,''you both started laughing.He walks you to your car,you opened your door and before you could get in''Hey..i was thinking there is this party on would you like to go with me?''you looked at him and noticed his beautiful puppy eyes that were pleading.''Under one condition''you say''Anything''he replies.''You tell me your name''again you both start laughing''Scott Mccall''he extends his arm with you gladly take''(Y/N)(Y/L/N)''you say''I know''he responds with a goofy green.


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