A thousand year old girl

A thousand year old girl

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Alayna Lewis By alaynalewis Updated Oct 31, 2017

Legend has it that a long time ago, there lived a young maiden. The maiden lived a happy life with the people she love; her mother, father, sister, brother and the love of her life. She was very happy and content with her life that she thought nothing could possibly take her happiness away until the day she met Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.  It seems that the Goddess was amazed with her ability to love without any sufferings; no pain, no cries, just happiness. 

The Goddess thought that a love without experiencing any of those emotions is not true love. So, she cast a spell. A curse. The young maiden will continue to live for thousands of year and never grow up until she found and understand what love really means and learn to accept it.   

The maiden was devastated. She claimed that she does understand and begged the Goddess to reconsider but the Goddess stay firm with her judgement. And so the girl stayed young and witness her families death, her friends passings and her lover creating a new family without her. She walked away from her hometown, running away from reality and wondered off searching for the answer.     

Until today, no one is sure whether she's still alive or not, whether it's just a legend or if it's simply just another bedtime story...

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