Learning to Love Christmas

Learning to Love Christmas

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"Hey Elle," Gavin said in a low tone, wiping the counter clean. "I bet a month's worth of dirty dish duty that you can't turn Scrooge into Santa's head elf in three weeks." 

Noelle Winters loves Christmas. She loves catching snowflakes on her tongue on snow days, reading by the fireplace with a big cup of hot cocoa. Christmas displays in toy shops and department stores make her happy. She loves how families get together and celebrate during the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas has this jolly, comfortable, warm, cozy, feel to it that makes her want to bury herself in knitted sweaters, light Christmas scented candles and sing Christmas carols in the middle of town square. 

With the cheery atmosphere in Fairview, who wouldn't join in on the holiday festivities?

Oliver Hastings. He hates Christmas. Loathes it. He hates how bright the lights are and how everything in town seems so whimsical and enchanted. It all makes him want to puke. He claims that celebrating the holidays are useless and a waste of his time. 

So what happens when Elle's boss hires Oliver to work at Gingersnaps? A nuclear explosion of candy canes and sugar plums, that's what. 

She knows that no one's supposed to be unhappy on Christmas. Not even the grumpy Christmas hater named Oliver.

With the help of her best friend Carol, she writes a list of things to try and get Oliver in the spirit. She's determined to show him what he's missed out on so far like; "Go ice skating", "Have a snowball fight",  and "Sing Christmas Carols".

She has 22 days and she's up for the challenge.

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ForlornFawn ForlornFawn Jul 12, 2016
I looked at the cast and started smiling. Selena Gomez has (or had IDK bow though)  a crush on Logan Lerman. They are my OTP. They are my ONLY OTP.
SJulietteK97 SJulietteK97 Aug 01, 2016
I've created a blog( it's a work in progress). You should check it out: letterstojuliette5683.wordpress.com
Midnight_Kaiulanis Midnight_Kaiulanis Dec 14, 2016
This is great! Isn't vote right now because I have voted too many times already and it won't let me...but as soon as I can I will!
NerdiliousRead NerdiliousRead Jun 01, 2016
How the Grinch Stole Chrismas!!! 😍😍😍 Christmas is my favorite time of the year!! I freaking love Christmas!! 💖💖💖💖🌲🌲⛄❄❄⛄🌲🌲🌲
DreamsInInk DreamsInInk Jul 19, 2016
Reference to How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Love this book already! 🎁
SAgirl520 SAgirl520 Apr 03, 2016
Oh there is much more than presents and food in christmas!!!!!!!!!!! Embicil