The View Frøm The Shadøws

The View Frøm The Shadøws

11K Reads 980 Votes 18 Part Story
Sarah By IAmDunWithYou Completed

Book 3 of 3-

A mini book of Blurryface's perspective of the main events from The Ghøst in Apartment Twenty Øne and Yøu Ønly Live Twice.

Cover by: @hbufrnk

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__NightHawk __NightHawk Jun 28, 2017
This is going to be one of those things that makes you feel bad for the villain, isnt it
JoleneTheTOPAddict JoleneTheTOPAddict Jul 21, 2017
god damn it don't do this I don't want to feel bad for himmmm!!
deathbyaether deathbyaether Jul 19, 2017
Nobody is truly a villain they are just blinded from fear and anger
sky_sykes sky_sykes Aug 27, 2017
I think that it isn't like they embrace the darkness all the time. Ya know, everyone has conscience, even villians do. Maybe it's very small and weak, but they have it to.
Romione_Percabeth3 Romione_Percabeth3 Sep 16, 2017
I regret to think that Blurrybitch-- sorry, Blurryface was an angel
sky_sykes sky_sykes Aug 27, 2017
That's really discutable, sometimes zes, I think. Many people do bad things to others just to hide that they are weak, sad, depressed, insecure..