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Nico Berry By Nico_Berry Updated Jun 24, 2011

As Reagan leaves Shiny Meadow psychiatric hospital, she starts to find pieces of her life fitting together. The disappearance of her parents, the reason why she tried to kill herself, the missing memories, and what Reagan's aunt is hiding. Reagan's cousin, Callie has the last piece to her puzzle, but what if the puzzle isn't a picture Callie wanted to show Reagan?

The thrilling and twisted story of Reagan. 

Not every story has a happy ending...

WoodViking1213 WoodViking1213 Jul 22, 2014
This isn't funny, my aunts name is Kim and she has a niece/nephew my age, my name is Reagan.. Jeez this is kinda scarey. Also I think I'm going insane (I'm writting 7 murder stories and 1 where a girl does indeed go crazy
LittleMissKeeper LittleMissKeeper Mar 20, 2012
This reminds me of the movie Uninvited...It's good so far! :)
chezzzx chezzzx May 14, 2011
this is well kl i love your idea!!!! XD  mmm iinteresting... why would she cut her rists.....mmmm...... plz read my story -Dear Sherrie-- xx
wendyhorn wendyhorn Jan 25, 2011
i keep coming back and re reading, this story is put together so well, you are a very talented writer
allie917 allie917 Jan 12, 2011
woahh, wicked fasinating preface, really makes me want to keep reading, im gonnaa =D
ZoomxZoom8 ZoomxZoom8 Jan 10, 2011
I'm gonna start reading this book. Just because my name is Reagan.