What you didn't knew (Haleb)

What you didn't knew (Haleb)

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HALEB By prettylittlehalebb Updated Jan 13

5 years ago Hanna and Caleb got in a fight about Hanna's work. Caleb told her if she would leave for her work trip, he would leave her. She thought he didn't meant it and left but changed her mind on her way to the airport. When she came back he was gone. But what Caleb didn't knew was that Hanna was pregnant and worked a lot to have enough money for there baby. 
Hanna and there baby girl where left alone. 
5 years later Hanna had to come back to Rosewood. She decided to come with her beautiful 4 years old daughter Malia. But what she didn't know was that Caleb would be there too and she had to come face to face again with the love of her life. 

How's this gonna end and will Caleb find out about Malia and Hanna's problems? Can Hanna escape for her problems?

Read, find out and enjoy! Xox

Yes its like the real PLL when Hanna puts her hands over Emilys eyea