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Pretty Little Liars: The Sixth Liar by ek_imagine_stories
Pretty Little Liars: The Sixth Liarby
(Y/n) Rivers is one year younger than Caleb Rivers. (Y/n) was separated from her brother after an incident that happened in the orphanage that she was to blame for. Beca...
Home Sweet Home [PLL] by Englandbabe
Home Sweet Home [PLL]by Englandbabe
Lily Jackson has come back to Rosewood a year after the disappearance of her best friend, Alison Dilaurentis. But what happens when her life becomes haunted by someone d...
The Sixth Doll~ Pretty Little Liars by Isabel_Rivers
The Sixth Doll~ Pretty Little Liarsby Isabel
Isabel Rivers never really had a safe place to land. That was before she met queen bee Alison DiLaurentis. She was Ali's favorite. They also had four other friends. It...
Pretty Little Liars Imagines by ellasfood
Pretty Little Liars Imaginesby ˗ˏˋellaˎˊ˗
Imagines of all the PLL characters, all credits to myself and other original owners.
fresh out the slammer | pretty little liars  by -smoakwidow
fresh out the slammer | pretty -smoakwidow
but it's gonna be alright, i did my time. fem!oc x multiple characters jason dilaurentis endgame
a bunch of pll imagines and preferences... by hastingsvanderwaal
a bunch of pll imagines and Katie x
imagines about pretty little liars. characters include Jason, ezra, toby, caleb, Mike, wren and Noel.
Love and lies - A Emily Fields fanfiction by AvivaBlues
Love and lies - A Emily Fields AvivaBlues
Emily Fields is a Lesbian girl where as Amelia James is Straight, or so she tought. They became friends quickly and Emily falls hard and fast. Amelia does to, she just d...
Whispers in Rosewood by mnidkwho
Whispers in Rosewoodby mn
In the close-knit world of Rosewood, Emily Fields' cousin, Hailee, harbors a secret that intertwines her fate with Jason DiLaurentis, Alison's mysterious brother. Raised...
My Sister by charlottejane_
My Sisterby Charlotte Jane
Kelsey DiLaurentis, the younger sister to Alison DiLaurentis, although, she doesn't know that until Charlotte is killed. Where has Kelsey been all these years?
pretty little liars preferences and imagines by cuddlytae_95
pretty little liars preferences dream chapter
Preferences and Imagines of ~ Mike Jason Noel Ezra Toby Caleb
Pretty Little Liars Preferences by dilaurentisx
Pretty Little Liars Preferencesby PrettyLittleLiars
Ever wondered what it would be like to be with one of the PLL guys? Wonder no more... Preferences include Ezra, Caleb, Toby, Jason, Mike, Wren, Noel, and Andrew. All rig...
Years to come-a pretty little liars haleb by fandom_blogger_
Years to come-a pretty little Haleb duh
Hanna's 18 and Caleb's 19... they've been together for 3 years... they will be for the years to come... when Hanna finds out something that could change there life fore...
Who Said It?-Pretty Little Liars by PllFanfictionz
Who Said It?-Pretty Little Liarsby PllFanfictionz
Guess Who Said the quotable Pretty Little Liars line- Suggest more shows and I will try and do them <3
My Doll by Vaaaluu14
My Dollby Vaaaluu14
Hanna Marín, una adolescente común, un grupo de amigas, un novio hermoso y super bueno, sus papas y casi una modelo... Pero se me olvido de contarles algo, está embaraza...
13 Reasons Why by sbancroft24
13 Reasons Whyby The Midnight Society
Based off the book/TV show "13 Reasons Why"... but plot twist, this Hanna lives. A box of cassette tapes recorded by Hanna before her (failed) suicide details...
Don't blame me  by lilysfics
Don't blame me by Lily
On September 1 2009 Allison dilaurentis disappeared from Spencer's barn leaving the group of girls wondering where she went it takes a toll on there friendships and ment...
Life after Marriage by Simply_Kailee
Life after Marriageby Kailee K.
**Sequel to Falling Back in Love** **A Haleb Story** About three years ago, Caleb and Hanna got married. After they got married, their first child was born. Drew Mason R...
Emison: A Love Story  by lucy1655
Emison: A Love Story by lucy
Emily and Alison are best friends, but Alison wants to be more than friends. Emily has a big secret Emily- only child&famous Alison- Queen Bee&only child Spencer- Smart...
Pretty little liars GIF IMAGINES by moll0222
Pretty little liars GIF IMAGINESby M.V.B
A book full of imagines with the characters from "Pretty Little Liars" - Alison DiLaurentis - Spencer Hastings - Emily Fields - Aria Montgomery - Hanna Marin...
Pretty Little Liars: 16 & Pregnant (Sequel) by PllParadise
Pretty Little Liars: 16 & havin' fun with it
[Disclaimer: This is the second book in the series, so if you have not yet read the first, I strongly advise you to do so.] It's been six years since the birth of Aria a...