give it some time | klance

give it some time | klance

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"Now what?" Keith asked, tapping his desk.
   Lance's eyes shot up for a second, his mouth quivering, struggling to open. He knew he'd have to tell Keith sooner or later, and no matter how much he wanted to choose later, he had to do it now- he had his chance.
   He opened his mouth, gulping. "Keith," The boy began, his head lifting up towards the camera.
   Keith looked up from making coffee, running a hand through his mopped hair. "Hm?"
   "I have something to tell you," The paladin inhaled, closing his eyes for a moment.
    Keith waited for his response, looking back down to continue his coffee as he hummed to himself.
   Lance struggled to pull the words out of his throat, his hands shaking as he tried to balance himself. Calm down, he thought, you can do it.
   Keith patiently waited, sitting in silence as he poured his coffee into a mug.
    Lance felt a rock in his stomach, weighing him down. You have to do it, you already started.
    "Keith," He paused, "I'm gay."

   In which the Paladins return to Earth and start a group chat.

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cover art ; gghostkking (tumblr)
cover editing ; me

foreverpsycho101 foreverpsycho101 4 days ago
This is resembles me and my freinds chat alot lololol im so lance in this and Maddie is pidge and Markus is hunk and Tate is soooo spacedad/shiro and well thats all sorry keith :P
The upstairs bathroom was out if hand soap. sOMEONE HAD TO REPLACE IT!
GaeaNoLife GaeaNoLife Mar 13
I'm feeling like i'm wasting more time reading the comments than the fanfic
SmolSinomon SmolSinomon Jan 10
Where'd ya go? I miss ya so.. seems like it's been forever since you've been gone 
                              (SONG THROW BACK)
Okami-san12 Okami-san12 Feb 02
Where did you come from? Where do you go? Where did you come from? COTTEN EYED JOE
tokyoklance tokyoklance Feb 10