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The Blind Side

The Blind Side

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Chelsea Palmer By SuperKitty12340 Updated Oct 22, 2016

Naru Uzumaki, or formally know as Naruto Uzumaki, has always thought that the one God out there must hate her for some reason. Whatever that reason was she figured it was so horrible that she had to give away her eyesight and innocence to make up for it. 

But when things start to go her way, she doesn't think the world is that bad anymore, sure her team still hates her but she has an awesome friend, a father figure and a demon fox to help her out in any way they can.

Join Naru on her adventure, trying to find some closure in the world and hopefully have a peaceful life.

WARNING: suicide thoughts, blind Naruto, female Naruto, rape and early birth

Pairing: Shikamaru and Naruto

Mieshasan500 Mieshasan500 Dec 29, 2016
Oh hell naw........those village bitches can square up 🙄👌
Lol that comment though 'I don't know if you noticed but you just crashed into our door.' Lol
MaeMaeSsa MaeMaeSsa Jan 06
LAS LUCHES!!!! Revenge for naru-chan kikikikikikiki...... They will die😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Haku_Fangirl Haku_Fangirl Oct 31, 2016
*wink* *wink* Now, now, Shikamaru~ No need to feel embarassed, we all know you both like each other~
lilyheart1 lilyheart1 Oct 29, 2016
Do you know that white lilys stand for death in the language of flowers?
DreamyEnder DreamyEnder Jan 08
*Brings Chainsaw*
                              Bout to cut some b*tches
                              Unfortunately it's not Friday the 13
                              BUT THAT WONT F*CKING STAHO ME