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While on an A ranked mission with Team Seven consisting of Sasuke, Sai, and Sakura. Naruto who is still a mere genin is told by the elders of the council to protect Sasuke with his very life.  During the mission something terrible happens as Naruto is wounded badly while a jutsu manages to destroy his eyes.  Kurama is able to heal almost all of Naruto's wounds but his eyes are forever lost to him as the nine tails gives him the ability to see through the foxes eyes.  Fearing what the village will think of his newfound vision, Naruto now wears his headband around his eyes telling everyone that he is now permanently blind for life.  Sasuke takes it upon himself to help the young blond when he sees Naruto is a former shadow of his past self.  What has taken the blonds bright and cheerful smile away? And how can he repay Naruto for saving his life yet again?

A Naruto FanFiction story

YAOI - Sasuke Uchiha x Naruto Uzumaki

Let's all take a moment in silent and thank the guy who make the SasuNaru ship happen
Its like everyone is waiting outside and then..."AHHHH~"
                              kiba:"what the hell was that 0_0?"
Lordsquidus Lordsquidus Jul 05
We should all thank the kid who pushed naruto into sasuke, causing them to kiss and bring us the SasuNaru Ship
*deep voice like Kurama's*
                              I will kill everyone in the village except Naruto
Ehem... Author-same I do believe you mean fourth great ninja war...
mangamariam mangamariam Sep 27
I was going to say 
                              OMG HE LIVES IN THIS VERSION 
                              then I finshed the sentence and my soul just shattered