Just Friends

Just Friends

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ijay__ By ijay__ Updated Jan 19, 2017


My name sounded so melodious from his lips but I still had a scowl on my face.

I couldn't let him know how much he affected me. Never again would I fall a victim of Sean Jones.

"You know what? I'm really glad you left. I don't think we could've ever worked. Hell! there's nothing to talk about. So lets just forget about everything and pretend it never happened." 

His mouth opens and he's about to say something else but I stop him.

"Go!" I yell, but my voice sounded more like a whimper.


Katrina Darren; college freshman,with the brains, money,good looks and daughter to rich and powerful business man, Richard Darren. 
Kat's life makes a turn around after the night of her eighteenth birthday, but her
insecurities and family secrets threaten to keep her from finally being happy...

Will she and her meant to be ever be something more than Just Friends?

Highest rank #371 in teen fiction
#670 in Romance

Cover credit: @junctions

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- - Dec 14, 2016
                              *it's creepy," she snaps. 
                              Lowercase she and comma not period
- - Dec 14, 2016
 #wallflower. I was recently told that inner thoughts needed to be italicized only. No need for the speech marks. :)
- - Dec 14, 2016
                              I'm impressed to read this from a guys point of view. What a fresh —and humorous—way of writing a story! I just hope you manage to keep it up throughout the entire book. Despite the few errors I picked up, this was a good read.
MelanyTheMelon MelanyTheMelon Jan 03, 2017
                              The tones of humor within this chapter was quite enjoyable throughout. His POV was also quite interesting to read-- it provided me with a good idea as what I should expect next! 
                              Overall, this prologue was conveyed well, and I'm look forward to see where the story will lead us to.
Omg ahahha I swear this boy is such a creep but it's hilarious
 #Starlight This was a great start, I hate Luke's character so far, he seems like a sleaze and I'm not sure about Sean yet, I like where the story is headed and I think I'll keep reading it. Just saying, it was definitely written very well.