A Tale of the King's Sister

A Tale of the King's Sister

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"To pretend to love, well that would be a tragedy itself."

America fell, and rose again as Ascary. As battles rage on between three kingdoms, rebels close in on the kingdoms.

Adorna Castillo, a princess to the Kingdom of Avaraida, and has always been overshadowed by her brother, and now King, Tate Castillo. Taking the roll as the kingdoms best assassin, the woman is given the task of taking down a rebel, Erwin Greene. 

Leaving behind her long term and childhood lover, Maven Mansfield, Adorna finds herself in a predicament. She is taken and held captive by her target.

Erwin Greene has a plan for her, and she must obey it to survive until her brother sends help. But what happens when she finds herself under his spell, and yearning for the attention he gives?

Will she turn to the rebel ways or stay loyal to her kingdom?

AUTHORS NOTE: ongoing, started September 2nd of 2016. I hope I can finish this one.
Finished: November 20th, 2016
This is my first time writing a wattpad story, so bare with me. There's mistakes, I know.

Enjoy, nonetheless! ♡

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clairbenjamin clairbenjamin Jul 08, 2017
Like queen Ravenna. She have same vibes that makes her my fav
tiannaalovee tiannaalovee Nov 12, 2016
I write in first person but I do realize that I write better in third.
Temporarily_Nobody Temporarily_Nobody Dec 19, 2016
Of course we are in the dark ... what do u take us for... morbid humans
RubixxCubes RubixxCubes Dec 19, 2016
If he's homo, then why is he trapped in marriage with a woman?
ACTrauth ACTrauth Jan 24, 2017
I'm literally so excited for this! And don't worry at all about it being in third person — there are lots of really good books written in third person and don't let people judge your book off of something like that 😊
BreeWForever BreeWForever Dec 03, 2016
I like stories that make feel a little uncomfortable. lol. It's realistic that way. 😜