Sold ~ A Ziall Horlik short story

Sold ~ A Ziall Horlik short story

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Name: Niall Horan
Age: 18
condition: Very fit slave, strong, good muscles, good looks, virgin
This is what the buyers get to see on the market. This is Niall's description. He knows that he's one of the most expensive slaves on this auction, because of his good looks and young age. And also because he still is a virgin.

Niall get's sold, but his owner is anything like his last. This one is sweet and caring. He doesn't punish Niall when he did something wrong. But there is something slightly familiar about him.

Can Niall discover the secrets that are hiding in the mansion?
Can he fall in love with the man who owns him?

bayzmalik bayzmalik Feb 05, 2016
Damm u got skills how did u come up with this story? 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👍🏽
Im crying 😂😂
                              I legit thought "how they build a house outta paper "
starshifttwelve starshifttwelve Jan 01, 2016
Oh my god I'm in tears because this happened to my mom when she was little, her best friend was kidnapped ;-; ;-;
crypticirwin crypticirwin Nov 23, 2014
stolkholm syndrome... or maybe not... cause thats the captor... oh well i dunno
jasmine_lozano jasmine_lozano Jul 17, 2014
I just read that book and I swear I'm in LOVE!!! It's soo good
_scarredbeauty_ _scarredbeauty_ Jun 21, 2014
You are the best Ziall writer I know! Omg I love you and your stories!