The Vampire's Assistant (Larry Stylinson AU) - Book One

The Vampire's Assistant (Larry Stylinson AU) - Book One

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Book One of the Vampire's Assistant Series

Louis Tomlinson was a vampire, one of the most powerful. He was the serving lord of the Tomlinson Estate. The Tomlinson estate was one of the three, most powerful vampire estates. The other two estates were the Blackstar and Dawnbreak. The Blackstar and Tomlinson estates are currently at war with each other. The Dawnbreak has called a meeting to establish peace between the estates. The Blackstar estate offer a boy for peace, Louis couldn't turn it down. He accepted the boy as a slave of the Tomlinson estate

Harry Styles was a normal teenage until one night. One night, he was kidnapped by Lord Romulus and taken as a slave. Lord Romulus offered the new slave; Harry Styles to Louis Tomlinson. Lord Romulus wanted peace between Blackstar estate and Tomlinson estate with each other, could this slave solve their problems or worsen them?

How will this effect Harry and the fate of Louis Tomlinson?

The story's cover is created by: @Irishcoke.

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RASb3rry RASb3rry Feb 17
I’m not an extreme fan either I just like the story’s people write about one direction
- - Apr 24, 2016
OH C'MON!!! HEY NICK! jus to inform you that it has only been 5 mins into the story and I'm already s fan of yours
Jojoribeiro Jojoribeiro Feb 29, 2016
Is it ok to start reading a fanfic when you have school tomorrow and it's midnight. Also when on the next day you have a big writing test to do for the state?
- - Jun 25, 2016
Yay!!!!!! Finally a guy that ships larry (except Ryan Minaj and Twaimz)
ShanaStylinson ShanaStylinson Sep 06, 2016
Hi nick
                              I've known you for like 5 minutes but I am already a huuggeee ffaaan
sweetys1999 sweetys1999 Oct 01, 2016
well man ur really good at explaining !!! i am excited for this!!!!!!!!!