The Nerd And The Bad Boy (l.s) ✔️

The Nerd And The Bad Boy (l.s) ✔️

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♌️ By lewislovesharreh Completed

Where Louis is the typical nerd, son of the local pastor and Harry is the bad boy that just can't keep his hands to himself. 

*under editing*

"I was hooked the second I started reading. If you want to cry both happy and sad tears: please read this book." -jetstreamburningup

"You know when you love a book too much and because of that you think it's too short? That's how I feel about 'The nerd and the bad boy' It's well written and to me it's one of those books that swallow you up, heart and soul." - love__wins

"The nerd and the bad boy was a book that I finished in a heartbeat. The second I picked up my phone, I couldn't put it down. The chemistry between Louis and Harry is one that I can't put into words. If you want to read a book that will split your heart in two, read this book." - rolfstune

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HarrysAngelLou HarrysAngelLou Aug 15, 2017
See now I believe an arranged marriage goes against gods word because you are supposed to love who you are with
-ZaynGirl -ZaynGirl Dec 19, 2017
pretty late, but here I am! I know I've promised to read and give you a little opinion. I know it's been a long time, but now I'm here and I've been reading it ❤️ So far, it's so much fun and interesting. love Tina❤️
Ok. So your telling me that you believe that God loves all while your also saying bring attracted to the same gender is considered a sin and they should rot in hell. WTF TROY YOU ASS
_SoulBound _SoulBound Aug 15, 2017
So since it's unpublished, will the chapter affect the story flow? Like will I miss something important if I don't read it?
HarrysAngelLou HarrysAngelLou Aug 15, 2017
I mean I myself believe in god but I don't believe he does not love those who are gay or in LGBTQ+ community.
-TheQueenOfAllShips- -TheQueenOfAllShips- Jul 30, 2017
"If a man lies with a man" so what if they do it standing up?